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Mastering Newborn Photography: 10 Must-Know Tips for Stunning Shots

Tips for stunning newborn photography

Capturing the beauty of a newborn can be both an incredible and challenging art form. You may find it difficult to get the perfect shot due to the unique and often unpredictable nature of babies. But with the right techniques, you can master the art of newborn portraiture and capture stunning images of precious little ones.

In this article, we’ll provide you with essential tips and tricks to get started, from selecting the right lens to positioning your subject and editing your images. Whether you’re a proud new parent or an aspiring professional photographer, this article will help you overcome the common struggles and take your skills to the next level.

So grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of newborn photography!

1. Plan ahead: Create a shot list before photographing your newborn

Photographing a newborn is an exciting experience. But to capture those precious moments, you need to plan ahead. So before picking up your camera, jot down a list of shots you want to take.

Start with the “safe shots” – close-ups of tiny fingers, or the baby sleeping in their crib. Once you have these shots in the bag, get creative! Experiment with different angles and lighting.

Capture the baby’s first moments with their family, like when they’re cuddling with their parents or being held by older siblings. These moments are precious and will be treasured for years to come.

Remember, your goal is to capture the beauty and innocence of this new life. Take your time, and have fun with it! The more relaxed and natural the baby seems, the better the photos will turn out.

2. Use a fast 50mm or 85mm prime lens for beautiful newborn portraits

When it comes to creating newborn photos, there’s no better lens than a fast 50mm or 85mm prime.

These lenses work wonders in low-light environments and can help you capture stunning shots with sharp focus on your subject and a beautifully blurred background that eliminates distractions.

Newborn photography tips

Using a wide aperture (that is, a small f-number) is key to achieving this look. The wider the aperture, the shallower the depth of field, which is what produces that coveted bokeh effect that blurs the background and makes your subject pop.

But it’s not just about bokeh – the right lens can make a real difference in the overall feel and aesthetic of your photos. A fast standard or telephoto lens helps create a natural-looking image with a flattering perspective, making it ideal for capturing the delicate features and expressions of newborns.

Investing in a good lens is a smart move for any photographer, but it’s especially important for those looking to specialize in newborn photography.

3. Shoot in Manual mode for best results

If you want to create those picture-perfect moments, using Manual mode is the way to go. Trust me; it’ll help you achieve the best exposures and the most artistic results.

Newborn photography tips

If you’ve never used Manual mode before, you might be feeling a bit intimidated, but I promise: It’s not as hard as you think.

First up, set your aperture. A wider aperture is great for creating that dreamy bokeh effect that newborn shooters adore. It’ll give your photos a professional and polished look that will help them stand out.

Now let’s talk about shutter speed. If you’re photographing in good light, you’ll want to keep this setting at 1/320s and above. But in low-light environments, you’ll often need to drop the shutter speed in order to ensure a good exposure (and to keep the ISO low). That said, it’s important to ensure that you dial in a shutter speed of at least 1/100s to help you avoid motion blur and camera shake, ensuring you capture sharp, crystal-clear photos.

Lastly, don’t forget about ISO. Set the ISO as low as possible to avoid distracting noise that will take away from the beauty of your photo.

4. Zoom in and out to vary the composition of your newborn portraits

One way to add variety to your newborn portraits is to use a zoom lens. Zooming in allows you to capture those close-up details like tiny hands, feet, noses, or ears, while zooming out lets you capture the full scene and show off the context of the moment.

Newborn photography tips

So experiment with different focal lengths to find the perfect shot. Try zooming in close for a shot of your baby’s tiny toes, or zoom out for a shot of your newborn snuggled up in their crib. The possibilities are endless! (Also, if you don’t own a zoom lens, you can always zoom by simply adjusting your physical distance from the newborn!)

Remember, the key to great newborn photography is capturing those little details that make your baby so special. By using a zoom lens and varying your composition, you can create a collection of photos that truly capture the magic of those first few weeks of life.

5. Achieve even lighting and soft shadows in newborn photography

Capturing beautiful newborn portraits requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to lighting. To achieve a soft, even illumination with gentle shadows, it’s important to avoid using flash. Flash can be disruptive to the peaceful atmosphere and can also strip the image of its natural texture and tone.

Instead, position your newborn near a window where natural light can softly illuminate their face. If it’s a particularly bright day, you can use a white sheet or curtain to diffuse the light and create a gentle glow. Remember to adjust your camera settings to properly expose for your subject’s face and avoid overexposure or underexposure.

Not only will natural light produce stunning portraits, but it will also create a calm and soothing environment for your newborn. They’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable, which can help you capture those precious, fleeting moments of stillness and tranquility. So ditch the flash and embrace the beauty of natural light in your baby photography!

6. Set the scene for your newborn portraits with props and decluttering

Newborn photography tips

Creating the perfect setting for your newborn portraits is crucial. You want to make sure that the focus is on your precious little one – without any distractions. That means clearing out any clutter from the scene, like stray nappies or bottles.

But that’s not all. Props can also be a great addition to your newborn photoshoot! Adding soft blankets with interesting colors and textures can really enhance the mood of the photos, while a beloved toy or teddy can add an extra level of cuteness and emphasize just how tiny your baby is.

Be careful not to go overboard with the props, however; you want them to enhance the photo, not take away from the main subject.

By decluttering and incorporating carefully chosen blankets and props, you’ll be well on your way to creating stunning newborn portraits that capture your baby’s unique personality and beauty. Remember, these photos are something you and your family will cherish for years to come, so taking the time to set up the perfect scene is well worth the effort.

7. Create emotional impact with black-and-white newborn photos

Newborn photography tips

Capturing the perfect newborn moment is a joyous experience, but have you considered the emotional impact that black-and-white photos can bring to your shots? Believe it or not, black-and-white images can often convey more emotion than their colorful counterparts. So, don’t be afraid to experiment when photographing or editing your images.

To start, I do recommend shooting in color. Keep in mind that you can always desaturate or convert the shots to black and white during post-production. Many cameras do offer black-and-white shooting modes, but depending on your file format, you may have more control over the final result if you shoot in color and then edit later.

When editing, take advantage of the tools available to you. Use exposure sliders or even presets to control the contrast and brightness of the shadows, midtones, and highlights. You’ll be amazed at the difference these small adjustments can make!

The beauty of black-and-white photography is that it captures the essence of your subject without any distracting elements. It draws attention to the details that might be overlooked in color photos, such as the texture of your baby’s skin or the curve of their tiny toes. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of emotional depth to your newborn shots, try experimenting with black-and-white photography.

8. Document growth: Photograph your newborn at periodic intervals

Watching your newborn grow and change every day is an incredible experience that passes by in a blink of an eye. As your little one starts to take on their own unique personality, you’ll want to capture every moment. That’s why many parents choose to take photographs of their newborns at periodic intervals to document their growth.

Not only is photographing your baby a great way to remember all the special moments, but it’s also an opportunity to create a beautiful keepsake that you and your family can cherish forever. A collection of these images, printed in a photobook or displayed in a collage, can make a wonderful gift for grandparents or other family members.

But it’s not just about creating memories and mementos. Taking photographs of your newborn can also help you notice the subtle changes in their development. You’ll be able to see how much they’ve grown and changed over time, from their tiny fingers and toes to their first smile and beyond.

So grab your camera and start snapping those adorable shots of your little one!

9. Include parents in your newborn portraits

Newborn photography tips

Most newborn shots feature only the child, but in my experience, including parents in your newborn portraits is a fantastic way to create a highly cherished image.

To emphasize the adorable size of your little one, consider taking shots with one or both parents. You can try placing your baby’s tiny hand in the hand of a parent or positioning their cute little feet between a parent’s fingers. This not only showcases your newborn’s delicate size but also conveys the loving bond between parent and child. Plus, with the parents in the frame, you can capture their expressions of joy and wonder as they gaze at their precious bundle of joy.

Including parents in your newborn portraits not only creates a beautiful image but also helps to tell the story of your family’s journey. Years down the line, I guarantee that you (or your clients) will be glad that you captured a few of these parent-child photos.

10. Choose the right time to photograph your newborn

Newborn photography tips

Picking the perfect time to snap some shots of your newborn is crucial. You don’t want to catch them mid-squirm, do you? To avoid that, wait until your little one is enjoying a peaceful nap. This way, the sound of the camera won’t disturb their sweet dreams, and you’ll have the chance to adjust their little fingers and toes without any fuss.

Plus, shooting during naptime means you’ll be able to capture those tender moments when your baby is deep in slumber. Their cheeks will be rosy, their lips will be pursed, and they’ll look like they’re dreaming of unicorns and rainbows. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture your little one’s innocence and beauty in a way that you’ll treasure forever!

That said, if you want to capture more active photos, don’t be intimidated. Sure, your newborn may not cooperate with every pose, and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to take breaks or try different angles to capture the perfect shot. Remember, the goal is to capture the beauty and innocence of your newborn, so take your time and enjoy the process.

Newborn photography: final words

Congratulations – you made it to the end of our guide to newborn photography! We hope you’ve found our tips helpful and informative.

Remember, the key to taking great newborn photos is to be prepared and patient. Take your time, plan your shots, and be flexible. Babies can be unpredictable, so don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan.

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice and capture those adorable memories. Whether you’re taking pictures for yourself or for clients, keep experimenting with different techniques, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

We hope this guide has inspired you to grab your camera and start capturing those precious moments. With practice and determination, you’ll soon be taking some beautiful newborn photos.

So get out there and start snapping away. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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