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New Digital Photography School Partners

Regular readers of the blog will notice two new sponsors of the site at present.

I’m excited to welcome both on board as both are products and services that I’ve personally used and can quite genuinely recommend for readers to use. Let me introduce you to them:

1. Moo Printing – I’ve been meaning to write about Moo for a while now – ever since I had some mini business cards made with them using images that I’d taken. My wife loved them so much that I just ordered her a set of 100 cards also.

Moo lets you take images that you’ve taken and have them printed up as business cards (the mini ones are so cute!), holiday greeting cards (perfect for Christmas), postcards, note cards and more.

The quality is fantastic and they are quick to deliver (even overseas).

I know I’ve mentioned the mini-cards twice already – but one quick story about them. I ordered a set a few months back and was sitting in a cafe opening the parcel of them when they arrived a week later and within minutes of opening them I had three people sitting on other tables asking me where they could order some.

I’ve just ordered some greeting cards with our son on them for Christmas Cards and some stickers as a stocking stuffer. I hope you enjoy the many possibilities that Moo offers.

Shanepic2. Pro Photo Secrets – This second new sponsor will be familiar to our longer term readers as I’ve recommended them before.

Shane (pictured left) from Pro Photo Secrets has produced some of the best quality Photoshop training resources that I’ve seen. Shane’s photoshop training videos are easy to use, practical and fun (plus he’s an Aussie – what more could you want). I signed up for them a year or two back and constantly go back to them when I’m manipulating images.

You can get some free samples on his site here and sign up for a free 7 part course to taste what he offers before deciding whether to buy the full set of training. If you use Photoshop Elements he’s also got a free 9 part course for you – you can signup for it here.

PS: Shane also has two other great offers on at the moment.

Firstly – he’s written a great free e-book called Photoshop Made Easy. This downloadable ebook gives some great photoshop tips for those wanting to take their post processing skills to the next level. It was the first resource I ever downloaded from Shane – I’ve become a big fan since.

Secondly – he’s written a great e-book called Digital Cosmetic Surgery which teaches you how to use Photoshop to give portrait subjects a ‘digital makeover’.

Support Our Partners and Support DPS

There are two reasons that I’ve taken on partners like Moo and Pro Photo Secrets here at DPS. Firstly – they both offer great services that I regularly recommend anyway. They both offer products and services that would meet the needs of those reading this site.

Secondly they offer a way for DPS readers to support the work of this site. My hope is that through the income derived from your purchases at both of these sponsors that we’ll be able to take this site to the next level (through design, extra features and professionally written content).

On that last note – we’ve also opened up a little DPS store in partnership with Amazon in the last week. If you’re looking for a new digital camera, photography book or accessory you might want to check it out. A commission from each purchase helps DPS keep improving.

Digital Photography School Store

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