Facebook Pixel Litepanels MicroPro LED Camera light Mini Review

Litepanels MicroPro LED Camera light Mini Review

Lightpanels.jpgLitepanel MicroPro photographic lighting grabbed my attention when I walked into a Canon Pro day late last year. An off camera light that didn’t heat up, used AA batteries but didn’t drain them in minutes, is easy to carry around and relatively small…

The compact little unit that is the MicroPro is very easy to stow in my camera bag and lightweight enough to mount on my hot shoe should I want to. It has a neat little (Included) swivel bracket that sits between your hot shoe and the MicroPro unit itself. It is a well designed product that is easy to use – it’s on or off with a rotating dial to control how much light you want in-between.. from 100% to 0… It will run for about 6 hours if you keep it down low and if you crank it, you’re going to get about 1.5 hours out of it – these are factory figures, my garlic wasn’t going to sit there for an hour and a half!

Litepanels MicroPro Review

I didn’t have a model, I got creative with Garlic…

All shot with Canon 5DMk2 / 24-70 f/2.8L

Garlic – 1/160th @ f/4.5 (ISO 400) – Light just out of frame
Roses – 1/60th @ f/2.8 (ISO 400) – Light about a foot above subject
Ugly Bloke – 1/20th @ f/6.3 (I was mucking about!) (ISO400) – Light about 2? away


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Litepanels MicroPro LED Camera light Mini
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