Facebook Pixel ImageWell Image Editor (Mac): Review

ImageWell Image Editor (Mac): Review

Sometimes Photoshop is just too much! All too often I hear that cry and ‘too much’ can refer not only to the exhausting list of complex tricks it can pull but also to the price.

Wiith ImageWell we have an app that attacks both objections. Sadly, you have to be a Mac user to enjoy it. ImageWell is now in version 3.7.3 and going well.

It’s small — less than a Meg — it’s quick to use and has a simple, basic easy-to-follow user interface … ideal for a first timer.

ImageWell 6.jpg

At first look it’s a little bit underwhelming; you’re presented with a small dialog box inviting you to drag and drop your image onto a small work area.

ImageWell 1.jpg

However, once I did drag a picture across it matters improved. I then selected ‘Edit’ and the screen expanded so I could fill my monitor with the image.

ImageWell 5.jpg

ImageWell 7.jpg

Now I could crop the image, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness with sliders — the degree of change indicated numerically.

ImageWell 2.jpg

A great feature is the leveling tool with which you can manually rotate the image around or control it with numeric settings.

Other tricks: ImageWell can resize an image, add a watermark, add text in selectable fonts and colours.

ImageWell 3.jpg

ImageWell 4.jpg

Many will find the simplest features could well be the most used: I know that for many people even the simplest chore of sending an image attached to an email can be a real challenge when your ISP says the file size is too large. With ImageWell, altering the JPEG quality is a simple trick: just move the slider and, as the image size or quality level changes you get a read out of the image’s weight in Megs. Batch resizing is also included.

Later, when you’ve finished torturing your image, it can be sent to iDisk (.Mac), FTP, flickr and other sites — to your Mac’s Desktop or to a folder on the hard drive.

ImageWell downloads not only JPEG but TIFF, PNG, BMP as well as Adobe’s DNG format — and probably others. The app can deal with JPEG, TIFF and PNG images. I figure if it dealt with RAW images in all flavours to it would be a very powerful app. Let’s hope in later versions we get a chance.

I found the online Help a great aid and of such assistance that many other software developers could study it!

You can download a trail version. If you’re buying, it’s a real bargain at US$19.95.

For Mac OSX 10.4 or later. Check out ImageWell here.

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Barrie Smith
Barrie Smith

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