How to Use the Canon Camera Connect App

How to Use the Canon Camera Connect App


Cameras with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity are all the rage today, but not necessarily the most intuitive feature to unlock. Luckily, Canon seems to have listened to 6D owners, and increased the ease of use of their Wi-Fi platform by switching up the free mobile phone app that comes with the 6D. Previous versions of the app where called EOS Remote and Canon CameraWindow, but earlier this year, a new improved app called Canon Camera Connect, became the main app endorsed by Canon.

This is a visual tutorial on how the new app works. Please note that the tutorial is written assuming you already know how to enable Wi-Fi shooting on your particular device.

Canon Wi-Fi App

Step 1: Check for compatibility and download the app

Currently, Canon Camera Connect is a free app available for download on Android and iOS devices. The app is compatible with a limited range of Canon digital cameras, including select PowerShot point and shoot cameras, the EOS M2, and the EOS 70D and 6D. You can check full compatibility specs here. This tutorial was created using the Canon 6D camera, and a Moto X Android phone.

Step 2: Enable the Wi-Fi function on your camera

This step will likely vary depending on your model of camera. For the Canon 6D, this is a somewhat complicated process that merits its own tutorial, but the methodology can be summarized as such: you are effectively turning your Canon 6D into a Wi-Fi hotspot, that your phone must connect to as a means of communicating with your camera, for either remote shooting or downloading images. Thus, you must first activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on the 6D (or one of the compatible models), then connect to it via your phone’s Wi-Fi networks. Be aware that this WILL temporarily disable your phone’s functionality until you disable the connection with your camera.

Step 3: Explore the interface of the Canon Camera Connect App

After you have successfully connected your phone to your camera, the app should launch, and show you the opening screen, as seen below. The app’s menu is minimal, and pretty straightforward. You will most likely stick to the top two options, which are described in more detail below.

Canon Wi-Fi App

Images on camera

Pressing this will show you a gallery of all of the images on your connected camera, sorted by the date they were taken. To zoom in to any image, simply tap it with your finger. Three options will then appear at the bottom of the image: Save to phone, favorite (star), or trash. If you wish to share an image via email or social media, remember that you can’t do so without first disconnecting your phone from your camera. To work around this, choose the Save to camera option to store the photo on your phone, and then upload it when your phone has internet connectivity again.

Canon Wi-Fi App

Canon Wi-Fi App

Remote shooting

Selecting this option enables live view on your connected camera, and lets you control most of the settings from your phone. Controllable settings include: changing the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, drive mode, focus mode, and of course the activating the shutter button to take a photo. All the controls can be adjusted and activated using touch screen control. There are a few shortcomings to the remote control settings as listed below, but off the bat the app provides quite a few options for remote shooting.

Canon Wi-Fi App

Canon Wi-Fi App

Camera settings

The third and final main menu option in Canon Camera Connect app is probably the most useless: it allows you to set the date, time, and time zone of your camera. This is a feature you probably won’t use often unless you take your camera traveling a lot.

Canon Wi-Fi App

What the app does

Shoots in JPG or RAW

The app is very quick and responsive, even when shooting in large RAW files. Also, it easily resizes RAW files to JPGs when you save images to your phone.

Will read JPG files taken from any camera

If you have JPG files taken from any other devices, the Canon Camera Connect will likely be able to read, and transfer them to your phone or tablet. I’ve done this using photos shot from an Olympus Tough TG-2 point and shoot, Fujifilm x100s mirrorless camera, and Canon 5D Mark III, so I would assume it would also hold true for other camera models.

What the app does not do

These are shortcomings, specific to using the app with the Canon 6D; some of these issues may not be points of contention when using the app with other compatible camera models.

Adjust to portrait mode while remote shooting

If the app does allow this, the user interface needs to be adjusted to make this feature more obvious. As is probably obvious from some demo shots above, I haven’t figured out how to enable it.

Remote shoot video

Whenever the Wi-Fi function on your Canon 6D is enabled, you cannot simultaneously activate video recording, so unfortunately remote video shooting cannot be achieved.

Time lapse

While you can set your camera to shoot in continuous or self timer mode with the app, there is not the option to shoot time lapses. This is a feature that Canon will hopefully implement in future iterations of the app.

Hopefully this overview will help you see if this app is useful for you. If you have one of the compatible cameras listed, give it a try and let me know what you think. Do you have any other uses for remote apps I haven’t thought of or mentioned?

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Suzi Pratt is an internationally published Seattle event and food photographer. Her photos appear regularly in Eater and Getty Images. She is also a blogger who teaches others how to run a successful photography business.

  • Brian Calci

    Overall I like the app with my 6d, but for me the biggest shortcoming is no timer for long exposures. If I want to take a 2 min long exposure I have to hold the shutter button down for the 2 mins. I wish they had a built in timer that I could set to hold open the shutter.

  • Totally agree. Long exposures are another example of when this app fall short. Hopefully a future iteration would have this feature included!

  • Daniel G.

    I use a app called “DSLR controller”. On this app you can choose the exposure time.

  • Neville Wright

    Can it select focus points and invoke autofocus when the camera is set to back button focus?

  • Great question, Neville! I find that for this app as well as any time I use a physical remote trigger, I have to customize my camera to enable the shutter button autofocus. It’s not a huge pain, but it does have to be active to use autofocus.

  • Emile Ogier III

    If you want all the feature you wished you had with camera connect then you can give Cascable a go. It does HDR up to seven frames, Time lapse photography and Long bulb exposiures as well


  • Bat Falcon

    I installed the app 3 days ago and everything worked just fine. Today I tried to transfer one image to my android phone and the app crashed. Not once, many many many times. I tried to restart the phone, to uninstall and reinstall the app, to connect to my tablet, to use the older version “EOS Connect”. NOTHING. All my efforts seem to stop at the exact same point!!! At the time when I tap on a picture, I get the message: “Unfortunately Camera Connect has stopped” with an OK under the message. Nevertheless the remote shooting, is working great.
    Any suggestions please?

  • Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with the app…I’ve never had any issues with it and am not sure what the cause of the problem might be, and I’m definitely not an IT expert or certified troubleshooter.

    I would perhaps try to make sure my phone is fully updated running the latest Android platform, or reset the phone and try running the app again.

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    Excellent write-up! Wish that Canon would provide such good information. One question. You wrote:

    “Controllable settings include: changing the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, drive mode, focus mode, and of course the activating the shutter button to take a photo.”

    Would you happen to know *which* cameras can be remotely operated with those functions?

    I’ve rummaged the Internet and Canon’s site and have been unable to find that out! Some reviews have even stated that the only functions available are zoom and shutter!

    The iTunes blurb on the app lists the compatible cameras, including those with remote capabilities– but doesn’t tell us *which* capabilities they have!

  • According to Google Play’s website:

    Compatible Cameras

    Canon EOS digital cameras
    – EOS 6D (WG)/(W) , EOS 70D (W),EOS M2(W),EOS M3

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    Thanks for replying! But I was wondering about which functions– not which cameras!

    And, alas, as you know, when they state “compatible”, that’s not the same as “full compatibility” or “compatible with all functions”!!

    Plus, we’re on iPads and iPhones and using iOS… not Google Play!

    SONY, in contrast, has a great table that shows each function and which cameras are supported for each!

  • I’m definitely not an overall expert on camera Wi-Fi functionality and not a representative of Canon, but here’s what I’ve been able to glean on Canon’s Wi-Fi capabilities based on my experience with it:

    – Access Wi-Fi–equipped EOS cameras wirelessly over a local network connection.

    – Remotely adjust shooting values on EOS cameras: Av, Tv, ISO, and exposure values.

    – Remotely select AF point positions, adjust focus, and release the shutter.

    – Remotely browse, delete, and rate still images and movies shot with EOS cameras.

    – Save images shot with EOS cameras to your device.

    – Share images for which device-specific remote viewing restrictions have been configured on EOS cameras.

    – Establish a direct connection with EOS cameras in Camera access point mode, in addition to Infrastructure mode connections.

    Link for iTunes app:

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    Thanks again!

    You’ve given us a great run down on the app and its functions for the EOS cameras– much better than Canon provides!

    On iTunes, they nicely tell us which cameras can do remote shooting, but not *what* they can do! Neither Canon Europe nor Canon Canada or USA provide the info, either, on their websites–at least not that I could find,

    I’ll keep rummaging and will even contact them to find out which wi-fi remote Powershot and G- and S-series cameras can use which functions! If I find out anything, I’ll report back!

  • stunami

    There is one big issue I am having that was not one in eos remote app. When shooting RAW images, they are transferring in RAW format to my iPad. This eats up all the memory so fast I can’t use it for remote monitoring for my client. Is there any solution to have it process JPEG on transfer? Fashion shoots happen fast so there is no time to save to device and review in real time. If I shot raw + JPEG mode would that solve it?

  • Judy Jay

    I have just purchased a Canon 70D and put the camera connect app on my iPad, I can connect no problem, view the images no problem, but videos are just a static image and cannot be played? They are a mov file, I am in Australia and video is shot in PAL. Would you have any suggestions as to the problem of them not playin please.

  • Hi Judy, I don’t shoot video, so I’m not 100% sure how the app would process videos, but from the sound of it, the app is only for still photos.

  • Judy Jay

    Thank you for the reply. If I get any info I will let you know. Cheers

  • Jorge Arias Cadierno

    Since I upgraded my phone to Android 6 the app fails to find the camera while connected to the Wi-Fi. It’s kind of frustrating given it worked just fine in Android 4.4. Has anyone experimented this issue?

  • tom rose

    It may work with the 6D, but is useless with the G1xii and an Android phone running 4.2, although Canon says that is a compatible combination. I can connect, no trouble, using either the G1xii’s own Wi-Fi access point, or my home network.

    Trouble is, as soon as I try to do anything the connection is lost. For example if I select “”Remote Shooting” the camera’s lens shoots out, the phone shows the current view through the lens and … the connection is lost. Similarly “View Images on Camera” gets as far as displaying thumbnails, then loses connection.

    I have tried the older “Canon Camera Window” and it has identical problems.

    Any ideas?

  • coolstorybro204

    Just wondering, I have a Canon g9x and for some reason it won’t let me transfer raw files to my smartphone or my computer, it’s not visible for transfer. Any clue on this?

  • Aso Faraj

    When i try to view photos on my iphone,i get this message: ( I cannot use this function with the value for viewable imgs currently set on the camera ).I don’t know how to change on my Canon Powershot SX540 HS so thati be able to view photos on the camera.

  • Ken

    I also have this problem with a Powershot ELPH 360HS.

    Any solution?

  • The app has been acting buggy and inconsistent with my Canon 6D lately as well. Not sure of a solution yet. Hopefully Canon will release an app update…

  • I’ve been having this problem with my Canon 6D lately as well. Not sure of a solution yet, but IMO Canon should release an app update to fix this problem…

  • Alex Rud

    The 6d worked with my phone while using my home Wi-Fi connection, but what I want to know is how to connect the camera using my phone’s hotspot to easily transfer photos onto my phone.

  • tom rose

    With properly designed and tested software that ought not to be necessary.

  • Is it possible to get videos/movies off a Canon EOS 1300D onto a computer or iPhone. Every time I try to get a video through the app it says the the file is not supported. Is there a way to change this or is it just not possible.

  • David Caules

    Camera Connect don’t work with android. it crashes. With IOS no problem.

  • Lowrie Beacham

    I am trying to do the same thing. I thought on one occasion it worked, and worked well; but subsequently I have had no success; that would be the ideal way to transfer photos from the Canon to my iphone, when I’m not on a WiFi network; and theoretically, seems like it should work. but I can’t make it do so. Anyone else doing this successfully?

  • Vignesh Gangan

    Can we transfer video files from camera to phone using the app ?

  • Melissa

    I know this thread is 2 years old but am hoping someone may still be following it. I recently purchased a Canon EOS camera and began using the app to transfer photos to my phone. I noticed I am only able to move the photos over that I took that day. Photos from previous days that I have not yet moved over do not show up. Is there a setting I’m missing or donthe photos have to be downloaded to the phone the day they are taken? Thanks!

  • Peter Cleife

    Why don’t you use an L bracket?

  • L Falcon

    What is the CANNON password they are asking for to get my iPhone to connect?

  • Jeri Baker

    Thank you for this. Very helpful information.

  • murrey hall

    Mine worked great on the first download. Now I am having issues connecting. It searches for WIFI When I do connect and try downloading it will only allow me 1 picture at a time. Then I have to reconnect and so on. I know it is probably something I am doing wrong. Any Ideas?

  • Ahmed Mohammed Elzanaty

    I have also the same issue

  • Amy Bluestar

    I keep getting a message that says “AF cannot be operated because custom control is set” when I try to touch the screen on my phone to focus, do you know how to fix that issue?

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