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The New Canon 6D Mark II – Hands-On Previews and Thoughts

Recently Canon announced the release of their update to the 6D, its popular full frame camera body, with the Canon 6D Mark II. It’s getting some mixed reviews – let’s see what these reviewers thought:

PhotoRec TV – too many deal breakers?

Things many consider this camera to be lacking include:

  • No 4K video capability
  • No headphone jack (but there is one for a microphone)
  • Flash sync speed of only 1/180th of a second
  • Only one memory card slot


  • Finally a fully reticulating/tilting (touch) screen on a full frame camera
  • A full frame Canon body that includes WiFi and Bluetooth finally (and GPS)

digiDIRECT – hands on first impressions

Some points from this review:

  • Improved battery life
  • Body has improved weather sealing
  • New 26.2 megapixel sensor
  • Increased low light performance (native ISO up to 40,000)
  • 45 cross-type autofocus points (over 11 on the original 6D)
  • Dual pixel focus
  • A burst rate of 6.5 fps (compared to the 6D which does 4.5 fps)
  • This camera is aimed more towards still photographers, not those doing video because of some thing it lacks (no 4K video, no headphone jack)
  • It does, however, have a new time-lapse feature

Thorough overview of the 6D Mark II by Tony Northrup

In this video, Tony goes over most of the new features of the Canon 6D Mark II as compared to other camera bodies in the Canon line-up and other brands. See what he thinks are the pros and cons of this new Canon.

Ready to buy the 6D Mark II?

If you feel this is the camera for you – they are supposed to be available by the end of July, order yours on Amazon now.

Have you tried it out, is it on your wish list? Share your thoughts on the Canon 6D Mark II below.

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