Facebook Pixel How to Shoot Long Exposure Seascape Photography [video]

How to Shoot Long Exposure Seascape Photography [video]

In this video by Landscape Photography IQ, Tom Mackie shares some great tips on how to shoot long exposure seascape photography.

Firstly, seaspray and salt cover everything! So bring optical wipes or spray to clean your lenses and filters.

Things to consider:

  • Think about your composition. Are there leading lines that you can use?
  • What direction is the wind going, and how is that affecting the movement of the clouds?
  • What are the tides like?
  • How quickly is the light changing?

Camera settings:

  • You may need to use a polarizer, with a graduated ND filter over the sky.
  • Put ISO at the lowest setting (64 or 100 ISO).
  • Stop down to your aperture to around f/14 max (depending on the amount of foreground and background you want in focus). Further than that softens the image through diffraction.
  • Play with different exposure times for varied effects. Try 30seconds or 60seconds.

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