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How to Pose Women Who Aren’t Models [video]

In this video by Anita Sadowska, you’ll learn how to pose people who are not models so they look more relaxed and natural in photos with a little help from photographer-turned-model for the video, Irene Rudnyk.

General tips

  • Always give the model encouragement.
  • Talk to them throughout the shoot to help them relax. If you like a pose they are making, tell them so.
  • Try to get your subject to laugh and smile to make them more comfortable in front of the camera. Tell jokes.

Standing poses

  • Get your model to stand on tip toes and move one leg forward, and shift hip forward.
  • When someone is shorter, shoot from lower to the ground, shooting upwards so the model looks taller.
  • Get the model to separate their arms to open up the body.
  • Don’t squash arms up against the body.

Sitting poses

  • Place one leg lower than the other. Bring one leg upward and turned inwards towards the body. Elongate the longer leg.
  • Keep the model using tip toes when seated too as it elongates the feet and legs.
  • Place arm outwards to lean on.
  • Sit more sideways to push the hip out a little more.
  • Also, place the chin up to elongate the body.
  • No crossed arms.
  • Lean backwards on the back arm, resting the front arm loosely on the front leg.

Facial positions

  • Push out the chin and then pull it down to create more definition.
  • Move their face around on different angles, tilting works well.
  • Try chin up and chin down. If using chin down, it is important to have strong eye contact.


  • Always ensure the model has good posture.
  • Move shoulders down, stand tall and suck in the tummy for a strong core.
  • Lean against something to feel more relaxed.


  • Accessorize. Using an accessory can give the model something to play with/hold.
  • If you don’t have accessories, you can get your model to play with their hair and have fun with it.


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