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How do I Photograph a Gymnastics Event? – DPS Community Workshop

Image by Raphael Goetter

Image by Raphael Goetter

We used to do ‘DPS community workshops’ fairly regularly but it’s been a while – so lets recap on what they are.

  1. A reader asks a question about a photographic challenge that they have – I share it here on the blog.
  2. Readers are invited to read the question and give some advice to the reader asking it.
  3. Together we learn something about a particular aspect of photography by reading all the answers.

See some previous ones on the topics of photographing funerals, travel, cricket, Grandma in hospital and Fashion Shows.

Got the idea? OK – lets do one.

How do I Photograph a Gymnastics Event?

This workshop’s question comes from a reader by the name of Brent who asks:

“I’ve just been approached to photograph a regional gymnastics finals event – next week! I’ve taken shots of my daughter at gymnastics before but this time I’m THE official photographer for the whole event. The previous Pro that they had lined up got sick and had to withdraw so it’s all very last minute.

OK – it is no Olympics trial or anything – it’s just a regional event for kids – but I want to do my best and need some help. Do you have any advice?”

Brent tells me that he’ll be shooting with a Canon 5D (Mark II) and a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens as his primary lens (he has a few others that he’ll take but that’s what he’s planning on using primarily.

What would you advise Brent?

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Darren Rowse

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