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Travel Photography Tips – DPS Community Workshop


It is time for another Digital Photography School Community Workshop. This week’s question is from Sandy who is asking for some Travel Photography advice in three areas.

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If you have some advice for Sandy on any of their questions feel free to leave your tips in comments below:

In a couple of weeks I am heading off on a six month round the world trip (part work part vacation) and I’d like to ask your advice on three areas with regards to my photography.

Firstly – how would you recommend managing my images while away? I have three fairly high capacity memory cards – but am petrified at the cards getting lost or damaged. How should I back up my images?

Secondly – I have a Canon EOS 40D DSLR and am wondering if you could give me some advice on what lenses to take? I am willing to purchase one if you recommend one that I don’t already have. Obviously space/weight is at a premium.

Lastly – any general advice on Travel Photography? I’m both excited and nervous about capturing my adventures with my new DSLR – any hints or tips that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

PS: In addition to the advice of the wider DPS community – here are a few tips and tutorials from our archives to get you started Sandy.

Lastly – I’ll put in a vote for the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens as a great walk-around lens for your trip (if you have the budget for it – it’s not cheap). I took it on a recent trip and while I did take a couple of other lenses with me the 24-105mm rarely left my camera.

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