Facebook Pixel Full Moon and Eclipse Photography: Your Guide to Where They Are in 2019 and How to Capture Them Effectively

Full Moon and Eclipse Photography: Your Guide to Where They Are in 2019 and How to Capture Them Effectively

Full moons and eclipses are a unique time to capture some interesting photographs.

Full Moons

Full moons usually happen once a month, with the occasional second full moon falling in the same month. This second full moon is called a Blue Moon.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

A solar eclipse happens when the new moon passes between the earth and the sun, casting a shadow over the earth.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the full moon and the sun, causing the moon to fall into earth’s shadow. Lunar Eclipses occur only at the full moon.

To give you the opportunity to shoot the moon, below is a calendar of Full Moons and Eclipses for 2019, followed by some articles that will help you to capture the moon or eclipse effectively.

Full Moon and Eclipse Calendar

Full Moons

New York, N.Y (US/Eastern)

Date Time
Jan 21 00:17
Feb 19 10:53
Mar 20 21:43
Apr 19 07:12
May 18 17:11
Jun 17 04:31
July 16 17:39
Aug 15 08:31
Sep 14 00:35
Oct 13 17:10
Nov 12 08:37
Dec 12 00:14


Date Type
July 2 Total Solar Eclipse
July 16 Partial Lunar Eclipse
Nov 11 Mercury Transit
Dec 26 Annular Solar Eclipse


Full Moons

Sydney, Australia (AEST)

Date Time
Jan 21 00:17
Feb 20 02:53
Mar 21 12:42
Apr 19 21:12
May 19 07:11
Jun 17 07:38
July 17 17:38
Aug 15 22:29
Sep 14 14:32
Oct 14 08:07
Nov 13 00:34
Dec 12 16:12


Date Type
July 17 Partial Lunar Eclipse


Full Moons

London, England, UK

Date Time
Jan 21 05:16
Feb 19 15:53
Mar 21 01:42
Apr 19 12:12
May 18 22:11
Jun 17 09:30
July 16 22:38
Aug 15 13:29
Sep 14 05:32
Oct 13 22:07
Nov 12 13:34
Dec 12 05:12


Date Type
July 16-17 Partial Lunar Eclipse
Nov 11 Mercury Transit


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