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Fast Track Workshop Review

Today Christina Dickson reviews Dane Sauders Fast Track Photography Workshop. Dane has also been generous enough to offer a $75 off discount on the registration of this workshop to any DPS reader who uses the coupon code of ‘roadshow_dps‘ during registration for any of the upcoming 12 workshops happening in different states of the USA.

Dane.jpgSeveral months ago I wrote a review of Dane Sanders book, Fast Track Photographer. In it, I said, “Sanders book doesn’t describe a bunch of photography techniques, or a list of theories you need to memorize and put into practice. It’s s a book that dives into the ins and outs of the wedding photography industry and leaves you with the tools to evaluate how you fit in, why you fit in, and how you launch a successful business.”

Since that time, I’ve forwarded the book on to several personal friends – all photographers looking to take their business to the next level. The book definitely had new thoughts and big ideas, but two weeks ago I discovered that the Fast Track Photographer book was only the beginning.

I discovered that Fast Track Photographer is truly an unconventional lifestyle.

Book author Dane Sanders had hosted several Fast Track Workshops in the past. But with the economy slow, he found more and more photographers wanted to attend his workshop, but were held back by the travel expenses on top of tuition. Rather than seeing the situation as an obstacle between him and success, Dane saw it as an opportunity. He put on his hat of an entrepreneur and brainstormed an incredible solution: The Fast Track Photographer Road-show.

I registered for the Fast Track Workshop in Portland, OR, only 30 hours before it’s scheduled start. I arrived with a wallet $750 less. Two days later, I walked away with something priceless: the building blocks for my personal business.

workshops_large.jpgSanders is not interested in showing you any “secret system”. He does not force you to examine your shooting style in comparison to his. He does not even give you his own master task list and expect you to implement it regardless of how it may fit into your life or business. Rather, Sanders takes his “Fast Trackers” on an exploration to the greatest hurdle of their lives and businesses. And that hurdle is themselves.

It’s often said that photographers are a dime a dozen and in whose circles run animosity and a protective secrecy. “Grumpies” as Sanders call them, seem to often rule the wedding photography business. Why? Wedding photography is a multi million dollar business. Couples get married every hour, of every day, of every year. There is plenty of business to go around.

Sanders workshop material revolves around what may seem to be a dreamy “perfect world” theory: What would the industry look like if every wedding photographer offered something different? What would it look like if each of us invited brides to an opportunity of unique and exciting experience, instead of everyone trying to copy and paste the actions of the “pro’s”. Sanders makes the dare, calling each photographer to capitalize on his or her strengths, develop individuality, and vault the business to an incredible success.

workshop_03.jpgThe Fast Track Workshop is ongoing this year, with nearly 2 workshops hosted around the country every month. Sanders and his family of 5 are committed to making the sacrifice required to build up a new generation of wedding photographers – those who are determined to put off the “Grumpies” and make it in the business because they have developed the most unique wedding photography business in the nation.

Filled with deep discussion, challenges, systematic approaches, brainstorming, fellowship, and commitment, the Fast Track Photographer Road-show Workshops are a series that any new, seasoned, or developing wedding photographer can’t afford to miss. I walked away from Sanders workshop believing that I should have paid more for the revolutionary shift in mindset I received.

But please, don’t take my word for it.


Your business will never be the same.

Get $75 Off Registration

As mentioned above, Dane has been generous enough to offer DPS readers a $75 discount on registration to his upcoming workshops in 12 different cities around the USA between now and the end of the year. To get the use the coupon code of ‘roadshow_dps’ during registration. See more about the workshops here.

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Christina N Dickson

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