The Essence of Masculinity – Portraits of Men


We are at the end of our two week Portrait Deep Dive and I thought I’d end it with one more portrait collection for you. Last week we had Inspiring Portraits of Women, this week it’s the mens’ turn!

The Essence of Masculinity – Portraits of Men

First I want to share with you some portraits of men, by a man – Zuhair Ahmad. I found Zuhair’s work on Flickr last week and liked it so much I asked him to write an article for dPS and he’s agreed – watch for it soon! Here are a few of Zuhair’s portraits of men to start you off:

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

Tell me it’s not just me and that there’s something special in his images?! The eyes of each of these men speak to me! Do they speak to you? What do they say to you? I see great sadness and wisdom in all of them.

More from Zuhair later – let’s see more portraits of men! Look at each of them one by one. Give each image its due time. What do you see here that is consistent among all of them?  What is different or special about each?

By World Bank Photo Collection

By Christos Tsoumplekas

By Brandon Warren

By Awais Yaqub

By David Dennis

By Stirbo

By Daniel Horacio Agostini

By Anton Novoselov

By Christian Senger

By anurag agnihotri

By Severin Sadjina

By Petras Gagilas

By [martin]

By World Bank Photo Collection

By Sukanto Debnath

By Simón Pais-Thomas

By Vineet Radhakrishnan

By Ville Miettinen

By Sukanto Debnath

By Dustin Diaz

By ram reddy

By Toruk Macto

By _marmota

By Mikael Tigerström

By David Robert Bliwas

By stephane

By Daniel Hoherd

By Brett Davies

By Petri Damstén

By World Bank Photo Collection

By Vineet Radhakrishnan

By Nathan Rupert

By fusion-of-horizons

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  • Asad Zaidi

    A little boy at the beach in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • ovicostea

    Old man selling fruits in the street.

  • Guest


  • Kathleen Mekailek

    Lonely man on park bench in winter. We rarely get snow in Texas, so when we did, I grabbed my camera to get some practice. This nice man was resting and didn’t mind me snapping a quick pic- thought it was better behind him with the snow and gloomy trees, sets a mood for loneliness.

  • Guest

    My boys…

  • Jensine Courtney Lowe

    You guys should do top queer gender portraits. Like transgender and agender people; people in drag, or costume..etc. I think that’d be super fun!:)

  • MelodiousMayhem

    This is a picture of my husband I took today.

  • Iris

    My husband 🙂

  • Ant West

    Erik – a subsistence farmer in the northern Cedarberg. His face reflects the harsh conditions experienced throughout the year

  • Kelly Brand-Skewes

    My Heisenberg

  • A friend threw on another friend’s scarf as a joke at the end of a night but created a unique portrait in the process.

  • James

    Very useful post.. Nice photography, simple and clean work done. I hope you will continue your same best work and we will get more such type of great things. Thanks for this!!!

  • Johan Bauwens

    Amazing pics, but too bad manhood is still associated with smoking. Notice that most pics apply the ‘thirds rule’.

  • I took this in a village – Dominican Republic. Making coconut oil.

  • Charlene

    This is my beautiful husband … my first portrait using my new Nikkor 50 mm 1.4, taken with my Nikon D7000.

  • terrapin1976

    apropos of zuhair – these eyes tell me – we look nothing like this so why do you make us look like such miserable sods?

  • Brooks Leffler

    Ben patrols the Big Sur Coast for the CHP

  • I agree. Would be a fascinating variation on the “norm” portrait list posts.:)

  • Excellent images above. Focus mainly on the eyes. This is one of my favourites that I have taken.

  • A.L.

    A lucky night shot of a local police officer.

  • Guest
  • Ratheesh Kumar N S

    from God’s own country 🙂

  • Ratheesh Kumar N S

    from God’s own country.. 🙂

  • Lars Sorgenfri Simonsen
  • Lars Sorgenfri Simonsen

    i’l try again.. Gnana trip in February.. 😀

  • lars

    why is the picture I added not showing?

  • PaulTheuma

    A French Rugby supporter.

  • Kelley Candee

    My son..

  • Renate
  • Candid at the gipsy market in Nazaré,Portugal
    The guy was looking at me and wondering what I was doing, so just clicked and moved on because he was massive at least a head taller than I , and I m not exactly smaal at 183 cms !

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