Today’s Dose of Cuteness – a Collection of Cats in Windows and Doors


By Franck Vervial

Last week I came clean on my obsession with bicycles. My other two favourite things to photograph are doors and windows. What better than if they have a cat in them!?

I have two crazy cats that make me laugh every day. If you’re a cat or pet owner you’ll understand. Even if you don’t have a cat you have to admit, putting one in a window or on the windowsill sort of completes the image, right? Cats can be annoying, cute, or elegant. They have personality. Not everyone is a “cat person” but approach it from a photographic perspective. They can add to the composition!

A student in one of my photography classes showed me this book and I had to get a copy for myself! It resides by my bedside table.

So this week I went in search of cat images. Here’s what I found.

Photos of cats in windows and doors:

By Raffaele Camardella

By Kazutaka Sawa

By helmuthess

By Kat… – quadruple whammy! Door, window, bike and cats! WOW!

By Cornelia Kopp

By Jerzy Durczak

By John Ryan

By jamesjustin

By Louise LeGresley

By marc cornelis

By Serena

By Grant MacDonald

By Barbara

By Rasmus Andersson

By Parée

By Francesco

By Paco CT

By Ref54

By Christos Tsoumplekas

By jerry dohnal

By Jorge Sáez

By ++ lichtempfindlich

By *m22

By Jens Schott Knudsen

By Bowen Chin

By ClaireDrouet

By Eric Parker

By Matthew C. Wright

By Ben+Sam

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