Facebook Pixel Can't See the Forest for the Trees - 23 Images of Topiaries

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees – 23 Images of Topiaries

Trees, otherwise known as topiaries, are natural photographic subjects. Tall, proud, imposing, trees can stand alone or be part of a crown, as in a forest.

See how these 23 photographers approached the subject of trees.

Scott Wylie

By Scott Wylie

Moyan Brenn

By Moyan Brenn

Carmen Jost

By Carmen Jost

Daniel Sjöström

By Daniel Sjöström

Geof Wilson

By Geof Wilson

Stanley Zimny (Thank You For 21 Million Views)

By Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 21 Million views)

Massmo Relsig

By Massmo Relsig

Ronel Reyes

By Ronel Reyes

Andy Rothwell

By Andy Rothwell


By Chapendra

Alexandre Dulaunoy

By Alexandre Dulaunoy

Anna Richards

By Anna Richards

Chuck Holland

By Chuck Holland

Elizabeth Haslam

By Elizabeth Haslam

Edwin Van Buuringen

By Edwin van Buuringen

Sonny Abesamis

By Sonny Abesamis

J. H.

By J. H.

Marilyn Peddle

By Marilyn Peddle


By JiriSebek.com

Mark Iocchelli

By Mark Iocchelli

The Boy Blunder

By The Boy Blunder

Matt Neale

By Matt Neale

Vincent Brassinne

By Vincent Brassinne

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