Facebook Pixel Canon to Release the EOS R7 in 2022

Canon to Release the EOS R7 in 2022

Canon to release the EOS R7 in 2022

For years, news and rumor sites have teased the possibility of the Canon EOS R7 – a mirrorless camera that would combine Canon’s powerful RF-mount technology and an APS-C sensor for a lightning-fast, pro-level camera.

But others have claimed that the RF mount, currently exclusive to Canon’s full-frame cameras, will never enter the APS-C arena. Canon already offers APS-C mirrorless bodies, the argument goes. Why create a new product that will compete with Canon’s EOS-M lineup?

We now have a definitive response, at least according to the reliable Canon Rumors:

The EOS R7 is real, both in concept and in name.

And it’ll launch sometime in 2022.

“We have confirmed that the camera will be called the ‘EOS R7,'” Canon Rumors writes, “and it will come this year, Q4 being most likely.”

As CR notes, Canon frequently unveils cameras in the late summer and early fall; the Canon EOS R, Canon’s first RF-mount camera, dropped in October of 2018, while Canon’s flagship camera, the EOS R3, was announced in September of 2021.

While CR doesn’t offer any confirmed EOS R7 specs, the camera’s name likely hearkens back to the Canon EOS 7D and 7D Mark II, a popular DSLR duo that catered to serious – even professional – wildlife, bird, and sports photographers. The EOS 7D debuted back in 2009 and offered everything you’d expect from a competitive action camera: snappy autofocus, an unusually rugged frame, and fast (for the time) continuous shooting speeds. The 7D Mark II also added dual card slots, essential for professionals who require instant image backup.

An EOS R7 made in the spirit of the 7D should adopt most or all of these features. CR shares a few specs, labeled as “rumored and unconfirmed,” including:

  • A 32 MP APS-C sensor (with BSI technology for improved low-light performance)
  • 20 frames-per-second continuous shooting, on par with the pro-level EOS R5 and EOS R6
  • 4K/60p video
  • Dual card slots

I’d also expect to see in-body image stabilization, which Canon has included in each of its latest RF-mount cameras, and is a major feature for photographers seeking to handhold large telephoto lenses in low-light situations.

But the most exciting aspect of the EOS R7 is, of course, the RF mount. Canon’s RF lens lineup is growing fast (a company report promises dozens of new lenses over the next handful of years), and an APS-C EOS R7 will likely be compatible with every RF lens, including several pro-level telephoto primes and zooms. Thanks to the APS-C crop factor, Canon’s lenses will reach focal lengths (or equivalent focal lengths) like never before. Want to shoot an f/2.8 lens at 640mm? Grab the 400mm f/2.8; when mounted on the EOS R7, you’ll have a 600mm+ field of view. Want to shoot at 1200mm? Grab the EOS R7 and the 800mm f/11.

Bottom line:

The EOS R7 is coming, bringing with it a unique set of high-level features. So if you’re a sports photographer, wildlife photographer, or action photographer, keep an eye out for an R7 announcement this fall!

Now over to you:

What do you think about the Canon EOS R7? What do you hope the camera offers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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