Facebook Pixel Canon May Release an R APS-C Mirrorless Camera (Plus APS-C RF Lenses)

Canon May Release an R APS-C Mirrorless Camera (Plus APS-C RF Lenses)


According to Canon Watch, a new rumor suggests that Canon may be developing a new R-series camera:

A body with an APS-C sensor.

As Canon fans will know, Canon currently offers two mirrorless camera lines:

  1. The EOS M series, with options such as the Canon EOS M50, the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, and the Canon EOS M5, uses only APS-C sensors;
  2. and the EOS R series, which currently only features the Canon EOS R, the Canon EOS RP, and the Canon EOS Ra, has thus far been composed of full-frame bodies.

Note that a fourth Canon EOS R body, the R5, is also on the way, and will continue the full-frame tradition.

But it seems that Canon’s lineups may be changing.

According to Canon Watch, the rumor indicates that the new APS-C camera (dubbed the EOS R7) will debut in 2021, along with three APS-C RF lenses.

And Canon Watch goes on to discuss the possibility that the EOS R7 will be a successor to the much-loved Canon 7D Mark II, which dropped way back in 2014. Interestingly, the Canon 7D Mark II is only slightly overdue for an upgrade, given that it was announced five years after its predecessor, the Canon 7D.

If the Canon EOS R7 were a spiritual successor to the 7D Mark II, then we could expect a camera designed for sports and wildlife shooters, packing a fast continuous shooting rate and a top-of-the-line AF system.

But the question remains:

Is Canon even interested in creating an APS-C R camera?

There are reasons to think that Canon might be considering this possibility. For one, the success of Fujifilm’s X-series, as well as Sony’s higher-end a6000 offerings, suggests that there’s a real market for higher-level mirrorless APS-C cameras.

That said, you do have to wonder whether a 7D Mark III would make sense as Canon’s first EOS R APS-C camera, especially when plenty of action shooters are going for a Canon 1D X Mark III over alternatives such as the Sony a9 Mark II due to the perceived inadequacy of mirrorless cameras. Sure, the 7D Mark II is due an update, but I’m not sure that mirrorless technology (and viewfinders in particular) have matured enough to fully convert the 7D Mark III’s intended audience.

Regardless, Canon has been focusing heavily on its RF lenses and R-series lineup, and this is a trend that should continue over 2020. It’s plausible that Canon will decide to consolidate its mirrorless systems for the sake of efficient development, especially as Canon also continues to produce DSLR cameras.

So keep an eye out for more news regarding this APS-C camera; if there is any truth to this rumor, there will undoubtedly be more talk down the line.

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