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Best Camera Accessories for Beginners

Looking for some advice on the best digital camera accessories for beginners? Today guest poster Clark Griffiths examines this topic.

So you have the camera you have the lens/lenses but for some reason you are still not satisfied with your work. Many beginning photographers have this problem at one point or another. For me this took place very early on.

There are several accessories out there that will greatly improve your photography if used right.


Perhaps the most important accessory for the beginner is the tripod. A tripod will give you extra stability as you seek the perfect shot. By using a tripod, especially when shooting landscapes, night shots, and portraits, you allow yourself to create sharper and far better looking images then if you were not using a tripod. Additionally tripods allow you to place your camera at angles you the photographer would not be able to achieve unless you have training as a contortionist. Finally, by adding a tripod to your photography arsenal you will be able to practice your photography on yourself any time you want, assuming you have a remote.

Tripods come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. My first tripod was a cheaper model I got at my local Best Buy; and needless to say it was out of commission two months after I bought it. Seeking something a little more reliable I turned to Bogen Manfrotto. Bogen Manfrotto is perhaps the best tripod manufacturer out there. They offer a wide range of tripods starting at around $100 U.S. for aluminum models all the way up $700 U.S. for their carbon fiber models. Gitzo is another popular brand with prices similar to those of .

When purchasing your first tripod think of it as a long term investment towards better photographic results.

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