Facebook Pixel Beginner's Guide to Digital Photo Art [BOOK REVIEW]

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photo Art [BOOK REVIEW]

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Some complain that digital capture is not pure photography and matters worsen once the digital image is pushed, pummeled and pampered in software. After all, ‘real’ artists use oils, acrylics, water colours etc, while ‘real’ photographers avoid trickery as they attempt to capture all the elements of shot at the moment of exposure.

Then there are those in the middle … and they’re having the time of their lives!

Theresa Airey’s large format book Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photo Art does the subject justice, suggesting that, as a digital camera owner, you can do more than just make happy-snap prints and turn your image into art — a collage, a sepia-toned sketch, a lovely print to hang on the wall, personalized cards for special events and much more.”

Many of the basic images shown in the book are close to ‘ordinary’ but, with Ms Airey’s help, you can transform them into eye-catching creations. One of the suggestions is collage creation, where tips are given on how to balance a group of images into a single ‘whole’.


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Barrie Smith

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