Facebook Pixel Anna Gay's Picks for Self Portrait Challenge #1: PROPS

Anna Gay’s Picks for Self Portrait Challenge #1: PROPS

This post is part of dPS’s Self Portrait Challenge – learn more about what it is, how you can be involved and how you can get a free gift for participating here.

Let me start by saying that I am so thrilled by the number of entries for this challenge. I can tell that all of you are going to make it very tough for me this week in choosing my picks! I am also really happy to see that this was the first time many of you had taken a self-portrait, and equally thrilled that this encouraged you to participate in your first dPS challenge!

With that said, here are my picks for the Props Challenge, in no particular order:

Steve Pontbriand

Anna Gay's Picks for Self Portrait Challenge #1: PROPS

Steve uses several props here – the mirror (for some very neat reflections), his camera, and a brush. There is also an arm holding the brush, which I suppose we can count as a prop, as well. All of the props add up to make this photo mysterious with a dash of surreal humor. Well done, Steve!


Anna Gay's Picks for Self Portrait Challenge #1: PROPS

Lyssa takes props to a whole new level by enlisting the help of her bunny. I love how she is looking at the bunny, and the bunny is looking off in the distance, so all sorts of focal points are created. Your pets can be a really great addition to your self-portraits because they will help you relax and have fun. I hope the bunny got a tasty treat for this awesome photo!


Anna Gay's Picks for Self Portrait Challenge #1: PROPS

This image really struck me because Ray not only chose to photograph himself with the trumpet, but while he was actually playing the trumpet. This is a great action shot, and really makes us feel “in the moment.” The depth of field is very effective – the way the trumpet is out of focus, but we can see his look of concentration. Congrats on your first challenge entry, Ray!

Again, all of you did such a great job! I was honored to see so much honesty from all of you who shared your objects with sentimental value, your musical instruments, and also your photography gear! There are still more entries coming in – feel free to keep sharing yours in the comments of this previous post.

Hopefully this challenge showed you that self-portraiture is really fun, and can teach you a lot about photography. If you didn’t get the chance to add your photo to this challenge, then I encourage you to stick around for the next challenge, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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Anna Gay
Anna Gay

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