A Collection of Breathtaking Images of Beaches

A Collection of Breathtaking Images of Beaches


Seeing as how I’m writing this while I sit with a view of the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast, I thought I’d round up some great images of beaches, the sea and the ocean for you this week.

Some of them incorporate some great long exposure techniques, and many are shot at the magical time of day the Golden Hour.

If you live near the sea you always have a great subject right nearby. If not, find a local pond, lake, stream or other smaller body of water and make your own magic.


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  • WPJ

    if you really like beach shots, check out aquabumps.com.au

  • PSD

    While some of these images are indeed breathtaking, most are way too digitally enhanced (Photoshopped) for my taste. I prefer the magic and majesty of the real world, not the idealized fantasy of a heavy-handed artist attempting to “fix” nature.

  • Fran

    @PSD. I was thinking the exact seem thing. Either overly digitally enhanced or overly HDR. I miss “real” photos.

  • Really? I chose the images and I saw nothing that was overdone in my opinion. Enhanced probably. “Overdone” is a personal opinion.

  • Dave Lister

    Mostly just long exposures and some hdr, which is necessary in some of these conditions. That is, until they make a camera sensor that’s capable of capturing what the human eye can see. Oh and of course there’s some technical juju in the Milky Way and northern lights photos.
    Mostly it’s the locations I’m jealous of. There are not many places that are as fantastically scenic around where I live.

  • Nguy?n Vi?t Hoàng

    i just think Digital camera and photoshop can open a new possibility that the we can capture the way we see the world differently. This is not “fix” nature but only “see” it the way we haven’t seen it before only.

  • @PSD you can’t fix what isn’t there in the first place, these photos look to a be a pretty high standard with minimal post processing… once you capture a picture of this nature then you’ll believe

  • Definitely a stunning collection, and it seems to get such a shot using a long exposure helps as well as shooting from a very low angle. One nitpick would be many are not really beaches (if I do not see sand, it’s not a beach)

    For those that do not live in or near such stunning, rocky formed beaches, adding more of the sky can make up for a lack of dramatic foreground in beach photos, or finding a rainbow too!


  • Breathtaking photos!! Just can’t come out of the feel that I got while was enjoying the visual beauty.

  • drdroad

    Agree, was just shooting Portland Head Lighthouse, and there’s no beach to be found there! I challenge anyone to go sun themselves on those rocks!

  • drdroad

    Darlene, when you have these compilations, it’d be nice to have the locations along with the photographer’s names. When I upload to 500px, plus when I’m just browsing, location is almost always there. I recognized a bunch of these spots, but a couple I’d like to know about. That said, in these photos almost nowhere was it the spot, mostly it was the photographer’s considerable talent that made them special.

  • jka25

    I agree PSD, I prefer a true picture that looks real

  • Snoops27

    I simply must agree with PSD and others. These are just NOT photographs.
    Not in any sense of the word. If the task had been to produce what an
    imaginary, LSD-fuelled pseudo psychadelic image of what a beach might
    look like, they are excellent examples. That said, there are two or
    three very good photographs of what a beach REALLY looks like. Well done those few…

  • Afia Ahmed

    over enhancing made almost all the pictures loose originality and reality. I don’t think photography is to project a fantasised image of the world we live in…it should portray the reality.

  • These are glorious images and I’m absolutely thrilled to see the photographic artists credited so well!!!!

  • Keith

    Absolutely stunning images, but is it really photography or art? The images are beautifully enhanced but not what was seen through the viewfinder!

  • iphoto27

    Many are not really photographers but are real cheaters, using software to correct mistakes.
    You can take a photo and my daughter can be it better.

  • Natella Mammadova

    Wow! Stunning pictures!

  • Natella Mammadova

    Wow! Stunning pictures!

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