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7 More Daily Photo Blogs That Provide Inspiration

It’s been a while since I last wrote about finding daily photography inspiration on the web through photo blogs.  Since that initial post, a number of other high quality sites have come across my radar and I’d like to share them with you.  This list contains blogs that provide a daily photo and have an RSS/Email feed for easy ingestion.  I personally like them because they can be grouped together and scanned when I’m looking for something different to get me out shooting.

Click on the site name to be taken directly to each RSS/Email feed.  Internet Explorer may not display some feeds well, but copying the link into your favorite feed reader works without a hitch.


Photo by Amazing Jules Verne WhyGo is a member of the BootsnAll Travel Network and, among other travel related information, dispenses a daily photo from reader submissions.  The submissions are hand picked and loaded monthly, making this a great site to submit to if you are so inclined.  The subject matter spans the globe and is not only a great photo inspiration site, but very addicting for those with wanderlust.


Copyright Theodore Scott Gadling is another excellent travel site dishing up daily stories and photos.  The photo feed is often taken from their Flickr pool where Flickr members are encouraged to submit their favorite travel photos.  The pool is large for Gadling to draw from and all posts include a bit of information about the location or photograph itself.

Steve Gallow – A Year In Photos

Copyright Steve GallowSteve’s blog chronicles the same journey most of us have embarked upon; learning more about photography through doing it.  Currently in the middle of a Photo365 Project, he shoots daily and shares a wealthy of information about the photos he posts.  Almost every post contains a “Lessons Learned” section which serves a good reminder of how the basics in photography need to be followed for great results.

Dawnstar Australis

 Copyright Dawnstar AustralisA mysterious site with a lot of macros and a penchant for zombies (although they don’t figure largely into the feed).  I found this site through a Twitter search for #photo365.  As mentioned in the original post, this is a great way to find others interested in keeping their photography mojo working.  A lot of the photos are macros with a variety of subject matter.

Prague Daily Photo

 Copyright If you don’t have the time to travel to the Czech Republic every day, this site is a must for those interested in a black and white approach to documenting a city.  Ranging from a single picture some of the time to multiple shots telling a story in pieces, I really enjoy the subject matter and variety presented daily.

 365 McArth

Copyright Vincent McArth Vincent runs a well designed site with nothing except his Photo365 project.  His photos tend to be contrasty and vivid with a great use of the subject matter at hand.  This site is also a pleasure to page through for the history of his Project365 journey to date.  While based in Germany, he does travel which adds variety to this project.

Clueless In Boston

Jim has been at the POTD game for while now with archives dating back to 2007.  His site is clean and easy to navigate offering up sites from all around Boston.  He runs a Monochrome Monday feature and has a great eye for composition and subject matter, only using B&W techniques when it adds to the image quality.  I like the mix on his site.

A Photo A Day From Planet Earth

Photograph Copyright Mohammad al-SalehI got in touch with Rich from A Photo a Day From Planet Earth the old fashioned internet way; someone he knows knew someone who sent a link that eventually brought him to my site.  Then he found a link to my Photo Of The Day and sent me an email.  I really do like meeting strangers in cyberspace!  Rich’s site dates back to June of 2007 and contains a wide variety of travel and eclectic photos from all over the world.  You can also submit photos to the Flickr Pool for inclusinon on the site, just like Gadling.

If the city sites are your particular interest, then take a look at City Daily Photo.  While the site doesn’t have an RSS feed for all the sites it lists, it is a great jumping off point for finding other blogs about particular cities.  The rules are strict to help reduce clutter, requiring blogs to about one city only and and one post a day only. With over  1000 blogs listed and more being added every month, it’s a wonderful place to find your city fix.

NOTE: Some of the blogs listed contain other posts and in those cases I’ve liked to just the photo feed.  Please feel free to poke around as most have other useful content.

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