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8 Daily Photo Blogs That Provide Inspiration

For me, inspiration is a big part of photography.  On days when I know what I want to shoot and wake up feeling really into it, it’s easy to grab the camera and go.  But we all have those days when either life distracts us away from the camera or we just don’t feel creative enough to take a few pictures.  While everyone needs down days from any activity, if you’re in need of some inspiration to snap you out of a non-photo funk, here are some great websites with RSS/Email feeds to daily photo inspiration.

Ron Dubin Photography

The Back Ron’s feed contains photos from around the world.  Many shots are from Bolivia but also contain a variety of subjects, from horse races to glacial lakes to interesting takes on patterns and rhythms.  His feed also contains other posts from his site, including sale offers on his photography. Excellent travel photography blog.

Everything Everywhere

Petra Gary has been traveling the planet for over two years straight, and that says a lot for the content of his site.  His feed is a mix of daily photos from over 75 countries and travel posts.  His daily photos are always accompanied with full descriptions and he has a penchant for visiting World Heritage Sites, helping you discover and visit some amazing locations around the world from the convenience of your computer.

Enoxisureka Photo Blog

Enoxisureka What an eclectic mix!  When I initially stumbled on this photoblog it immediately consumed a half hour of my time in the blink of an eye.  A wide variety of subject matter and content, this dedicated photoblog concentrates on higher contrast, daily subject matter from a number of interesting angles.  A great blog to snap out of the daily grind.

New York Daily Photo

VerdantOasis700 As the name describes, this blog is centered on the Big Apple.  Brian Dubé writes full entries with each post and usually includes multiple photos from the happenings around New York City.  Full of life and color, his posts expose the daily life and extraordinary happenings around the city.

Frame Not Included

Frame Not Icluded Erik, Inge and Jørgen started this daily photo blog from Oslo, Norway.  While a number of the images are from Norway, the site boasts a wide variety of travel and daily life photography.  Having three photographers on one site lends itself to an ever changing take on the world around us.

Paris Daily Photo

CrackingArtGroupEric’s posts are full of life around romantic (and sometimes not so romantic) Paris.  He brings a slice of the city to his readers every day complete with full descriptions of the location and what life is really like in the City of Love.  He also welcomes requests for subject matter.

The Carey Adventures Photo Of The Day

windowslivewriterphotoofthedaytherebuiltmonasteryattengbo-8df7535657988-rxchn-m-3This would be my own daily photo blog.  Shots are taken from travels around the USA as well as Nepal, Ireland, Peru and other locations.  In the past I have featured guest photographers for a week and will do so again in the Fall.

San Francisco Daily Photo

SF Shot daily and posted the next day, Manuel keeps his photo blog active and original.  Originally from France, his content is centered on daily travels through San Francisco and presents the city in a very unique light.  Even long time natives of SF comment on how varied and undiscovered his subject matter can be.

And More!

There are far more daily photo blogs than this one post can handle.  There are also a number of other sources for daily photo inspiration:

  • Check out the Daily Photo Map which pinpoints many great daily photo blogs and posts from around the world.
  • The hastag #dailyphoto is used on Twitter to collect a variety of daily photos, many times not posted on subscribable blogs.  (you can subscribe to the feed of the Twitter search by clicking here, but it can often be overwhelming).
  • Google is always a good place to start looking and a simple search reveals a ton of resources.
  • There is also the Project 365 Group Pool over on Flickr.  This is a pool for people dedicated to taking one picture each day and posting the results.  It can be a mixed bag but is always inspiring.

No matter the source, finding a few good daily photography inspirations can help keep you behind the camera with a passion to make great images.

As this post can not contain all the great blogs, I’d like to hear from you if you know of a particularly useful daily photo blog that could benefit others.

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