Facebook Pixel 5 Ways to Use a Piece of Glass for Unique Portraits [video]

5 Ways to Use a Piece of Glass for Unique Portraits [video]

In this video by Jessica Kobeissi, you’ll learn how you can use a simple piece of glass in different ways for some interesting portrait effects.

You can use the glass from a picture frame to achieve these effects:

1. Glass Alone

Simply experiment with the piece of glass using light reflections for shapes.

2. Water Drops

Add water drops to the glass and experiment with depth of field with it to create interesting effects on your model. Bringing the glass closer to the camera and focusing through it changes the effect.

3. Facial Mist

Spray a facial mist onto the glass to soften the image of the model and giving it an ethereal feel.

4. Clear Gel

Smear clear gel onto the glass to add interesting texture. Focus in on the gel or focus through to the model for a softer effect.

5. Shiny Stickers

Add shiny stickers to the glass. Bring the glass closer to the camera for out-of-focus bokeh effects created by the light on the stickers.


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