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5 Useful Upgrades In Photoshop Lightroom 2.0

LR2Photoshop Lightroom has proven to be a great asset to digital photographers.  From the beginning Lightroom has been aimed at the digital photographer, offering up simple tools to aid the most repeated of Photoshop’s tools while keeping the interface simple and workflow logical.  With Adobe’s latest release of Lightroom 2.0 (the upgrade from 1.0 is $99) the bar has been set quite a bit higher.  Lightroom has become truly useful to the amateur and pro alike with this latest release so let’s look at some of the more prominent new features.

1. Edit in Photoshop Feature Improved

In Lightroom 1.X, choosing to edit an image in Photoshop caused Lightroom to create a TIFF or PSD file, taking extra time and space.  Exports have been sped up and new features added, including the ability to select multiple photos and have Photoshop CS3 merge them into a panorama or HDR image.  No need to select which version of PSD or make any other adjustment.  You can even export multiple images into separate layers if you like.

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