Facebook Pixel 18 Shape Defining Silhouette Images

18 Shape Defining Silhouette Images

Doing a good silhouette requires a few things. A subject with a good shape, proper exposure, and position of the subject to best showcase its shape and define its outline.

Lighting is key, and contrast is essential to get a nice clean silhouette. Look at how these photographers pulled off some great silhouette images. Take note of the kinds of subjects make good silhouettes.

Club Med UK

By Club Med UK

Kenneth Garcia

By Kenneth Garcia


By grendelkhan

Darron Birgenheier

By Darron Birgenheier


By jqpubliq

Nicolas Alejandro

By Nicolas Alejandro


By iggyshoot


By Grant

Jonathan Camuzo

By Jonathan Camuzo

Deven Dadbhawala

By Deven Dadbhawala


By Nattu

Matthew Roth

By Matthew Roth

Tara R.

By Tara R.

Andy Tolsma

By Andy Tolsma


By Wheats

Jenny Downing

By jenny downing

Brian Gratwicke

By Brian Gratwicke

Chuck Holland

By Chuck Holland

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