15 Cool Digital Photography Links from Around the Web

15 Cool Digital Photography Links from Around the Web


Every now and again I like to spend a little time surfing through my favorite photography sites and highlighting the cool links that I find. Here’s 13 that I found today – enjoy!

  1. Introduction to LED Lighting – A DIY way to light your subjects and get cool effects.
  2. Shooting by Moonlight – a great article by Ben Long from Complete Digital Photography
  3. How to Get the Most Out of Your Camera Battery – good practical tips
  4. 3 Tricks to Turn a Spring Clamp Into Your Best Photo Accessory – from the gang at Photojojo.
  5. DIY Steadycam – more of a video DIY tip but still pretty cool.
  6. Waterproof Camera Group Test – DPReview tests 7 cameras with waterproof qualities
  7. Make your own Remote Shutter Trigger – another DIY
  8. Roundup: Ring Flashes – Wired Magazine reviews 4 ring flashes
  9. Backing Up Flickr – how to safeguard your Flickr image collection
  10. Improvisational Light – a great post at Strobist
  11. Live Music Photography 101 – a good basic intro to the topic.
  12. DNG, RAW and JPEG: What I Use and Why – a good discussion starter and exploration of the options
  13. Publishing Your Own Photo Book – a guide to putting together your own book
  14. Three Short Tutorials for Photographers and Photography Lovers – some good basic teaching on Photoshop.
  15. Photoshop Elements: Beyond the Basic Fixes – from PopPhoto
  16. Five Great Flash Techniques to Improve Your Photography Light – 5 cool techniques, one that is mentioned above.

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Some Older Comments

  • Wasim August 21, 2009 03:27 am

    Amazing list indeed...why does it always happen to me that when I am looking for something, I never find it. But I always find it accidentally. Sometimes accidents are nice to be met with...lol! This is one of them.

  • Zack Jones August 19, 2009 01:26 am

    Very cool links. I especially like the idea of being able to backup your photos from flickr.

  • Rishi S August 18, 2009 02:25 pm

    I'm SHOCKED AND TRAUMATISED that my blog did not feature in the top 5. Hehehe...kidding. Nice list, though.

  • Mike August 18, 2009 01:36 pm

    Thanks for the list!! 'cept I am a bit frustrated... so many DIY projects and sooo little time!! But definetly I'm doing the Make your own remote shutter trigger!

    -- Mike

  • Andreas August 18, 2009 09:02 am

    WOW those are some really nice links rally helpful all of them! thank you Darren!

  • Ilan August 18, 2009 06:46 am

    Oh, and almost forgot - How to 'fake' a tilt shift effect

  • Ilan August 18, 2009 06:33 am

    Thank you very much!!
    Here are few links I use -

    A guide of how to make it to Flickr Explore
    And a DPS guide to how to make digital photos look like lomo photography

    Again, great list, thank you!