Welcome to Digital Photography School - Digital Photography School

Welcome to Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is designed to help new and established photographers get the most out of their digital camera. Our Pinterest account is an extension of this philosophy and is a way for us to share the best knowledge from our community. We created this page to help you get the most out of the DPS Pinterest account and this blog.

We´ve loosely organized the boards into key areas:

If you are new to photography, I recommend that you check out the DLSR Basics series. This walks you through the basics of the exposure triangle and links to resources that will help you understand ISO, shutter speed and aperture. If you just want the articles, you can read them here:

You can read similar advice at our digital photography tips for beginners page

For established photographers, we recommend that you check out the boards that match your interest. We would also love it if you shared your feedback so that we can tweak the account according to what you want.

Are you new to DPS?

Digital Photography School is more then just a blog – it is a learning environment for new to semi experienced digital camera owners. There are no classes, no teachers and no exams. Best of all? There are no fees.

We post the best content on the blog which is seperated into three categories:

We have a number of fantastic resources for those that learn best in ebook format. There is a forum and weekly learning assignments for those that need more interaction and support.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Have ideas?

We want the Digital Photography School Pinterest account to be an extension of the site. We want to turn it into a place where people can learn more about their cameras and discover the best resources from the DPS community.

This is where you come in. We´d love to know:

  • What additional boards you´d like us to create
  • What boards you think we should be following
  • Suggestions of content that we could pin or share on other social networks.

Happy Pinning!


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