Photography Tips & Tutorials
by David Shaw

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Photography

There is a lot of hype about photography, it's a booming hobby practiced by huge numbers of people around the world....
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by Sean McCormack

How to Build an LED Light and Make an Orb

This article will tell you all about the what, where and when of orbs. Let's start by defining them. What's...
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by Dawn Bell

8 Tips for Photographing Children

Children’s expressions are genuine; they love to live life with passion and abound in energy. When they are happy, their...
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by Bruce Wunderlich

Beginner’s Guide to Light Painting

What is light painting? Light painting is an imaging technique that uses a moving light source to add light to an under-illuminated...
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by Jim Hamel

9 Tips to Help you get Sharp Focus at Night

Autofocus is so good on modern cameras that most photographers use it all the time. It seemingly never lets you down. But,...
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by John Davenport

Three Uses for High ISO you Might Not Know

You may already know that the ISO setting is used to control your camera's sensitivity to light. When you use a...
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