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    Default Hope these are in the right place...

    These are some photos I took some time ago with a Nikon 8008 film camera. The stained image appeared one day on a bank window in Clearwater Florida back in early 2000 if I remember right. This image of "The Virgin Mary" as it was called, became quite an attraction that the bank had to either sell or donated the property due to the overwhelming amount of people that would camp out in the parking lot to pray or do what ever they did.. The wooden cross with Jesus was supposedly hand carved by a local resident and was erected soon after the image appeared on the glass window. These pictures (4x5) prints from Walgreen's where scanned and are presented as they originally appear. Nothing has been done in post (yet) I might try to touch them up a bit later. I hope It was OK to post the four of them together just to get the complete story. And sorry if they are not the appropriate size. I re-sized them as close as I could to the requirements with out having distorted them to much. An I have no clue as how to post them as a link or I would have kept them at their original size, around 1184x1808. Not really looking for any explanations or speculations as to how this image manifested on the window, I have my own ideas. But I just thought I would (dump) them here for others to contemplate.
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    Nice shots. That is one great wood sculpture.
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