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    Default Compare - Nikon 35mm 1.4 vs. Nikon 24mm 1.4

    Are there any photos on the internet which compare these two lenses? I have found a few of them but I haven't seen real life photos (people, events, etc) which compare these two gems.
    Is the bookeh the same wide open? Which AF is faster and more accurate on FF cameras?
    Are they accurate in low light situation?


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    You know if you need one over another. They're essentially the same, just at different focal lengths. Because of this difference, though, they are very different lenses.
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    I`d happily compare them, if someone was willing to give me the 35 =D

    I agree with osmosis here +! and the like.

    As for AF - If my use of the 85 1.4 g at a showroom, my friends 50 1.4g and my 24 1.4g - I would be willing to guess that the AF tracking is going to be the same on the 35 1.4. I`d also bet that the focus acquisition will be about the same as the other 1.4g primes (possibly slightly faster or slower, depending on the actual focus throw, but that`s still likely to be a millisecond difference.

    I don`t use AF in low light enough to know - i can say that my 24 doesn`t seem inaccurate in low light - though when the light gets really really low - the camera AF has trouble locking on - and that`s not a lens fault - that`s a "stop shooting in the well beyond dark" fault

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