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    Default Critique on Logo Design

    I've put this off for a very long time because I'm too cheap to hire a graphic designer, and my design skills basically suck. I've come to a point where I need an actual logo (for my branded flash drives that I give to the brides with the images) and I've been playing around with a design. I thought I would put it up for critique or suggestions.

    And, if anyone out there is good with graphic design, and wants to play around with this... be my guest.

    My first few designs played around a picture of an American Indian spear... (get it? Spears?.. nevermind) Those looked ridiculous. I wanted something simple, easy to identify, easy to reproduce, and god knows anything but the round camera aperture diaphragm blades that every photographer seems to use.

    I simplified the spear to a simple arrow-like design that works inside the font.

    Logo Attempt_7 by Porkchop756, on Flickr

    The smaller version has just the initials. Logo Attempt_4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    My personal taste is the very simple. I enjoy the font but the blue thing kind of wrecks it. I can't see what its purpose is or what it even is and it gives your design a very industrial/oilfield feel to it. I say ditch it and just stick with the font, its professional and appealing.

    Just my two cents

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    Nice and simple and I like the blue design, and the way the S wraps around it.
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    Looking at this the first thing I thought was to slant the S hard to the rt and use the lower half as the upper half of the R. That would probably involve removing the spearhead...

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