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    Default Witch is better? D3200 or D5100?

    I want to buy a entry level dslr.
    Witch is better? D3200 or D5100?
    or is there any better model of canon out there in same price range??

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    Wow tough question.

    1. D3200 has a newer sensor and higher pixel count, but the 5100 has the same sensor as the D7000(and it's no slouch..).

    2. The D5100 has a flip screen(if that's important for you, attach to telescope, pictures above ur head in a crowd, or low in the grass).

    3. D5100 has the ability to do a handheld 2 shot AND processing of an HDR photo built-in with no post processing needed.

    4. D5100 has more buttons on it.......

    5. D5100 has 95% viewfinder coverage.

    6. D3200 needs a bigger memory card to store the larger files(especially whne shooting RAW.

    ...i'm sure more will chime in, hopefully someone that has one....

    I have had both the D3100 and the D5100....the D5100 was a huge improvement over D3100 but now I don't know anymore.......
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    Nikon D3200 is good, its haves better resolution and light weight to handle. And also have a look at new Canon's Power Shot G1X.

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    Witch? I know these cameras seem almost magical, but I think you mean which

    Bottom line is it depends of which features are more important to you. Nikon typically has a comparison chart where you can look at the specific features side by side.
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    lol @kirbinster

    Anyway, to answer your question, there's anice comparison chart you'll find at nikon d3200 vs d5100

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