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    Here's another one I really got a kick out of and thought I'd share it. I got this idea from our boy's playing with glow sticks and when my hubby went to crack a new stick for one of our boy's it broke and liquid when every where, the next day I did this. No extra camera equipment needed.

    First I set up a black background and hang christmas light's over the background. then I set up a small table with a black covering over it a few feet in front of the background.

    I take my glass candle holder (which already has a crackled design in the glass) and my glow sticks (for this one I choose blue glow sticks) outside. I cracked and shaked up my glow sticks so they would begin to glow and carefully cut the ends off both sides (this makes it easier to get the liquid out) I hold one end of the glow stick inside my candle holder and using a straw on the other end of the glow stick I blow through the straw to get the glow liquid out and into my candle holder (I use the straw so I don't get the toxic glow liquid in my mouth).

    I "roll" the liquid around the inside of the glass, it's now glowing blue. however I need to keep doing this every few moments otherwise the liquid just runs and sit's in the bottom of the candle holder (I read after I had done this that others roll a glue stick around the inside and the glow liquid sticks to it, but I haven't tried that).

    I place my candle holder on the table that I set up and make sure the room is dark, I did this in my garage though the day and used no lighting other then the door to the house being open only allowing very little light in.

    I played around with many settings and even tried other glass objects and other glow colors, I found yellow was extremely difficult to work with as it was very bright.

    I've seen some one use glass jars and hang them as lanterns though trees at night, it looked great. If you choose to give it a go feel free to show your results here, I would like to see them.

    shot in aperture priority
    Camera - Canon EOS 650D
    lens - EFS 18-135mm IS STM
    Aperture - 5.6
    Shutter speed - 6.17sec
    White balance - auto
    ISO - 100
    Focal length - 93.0mm

    Edit - forgot to mention that I used two glow sticks for this candle holder and the "glow" lasted for 2 to 3Hrs.
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    That's a really nice effect. See if get time on the weekend to give that a go. Thanks for sharing


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