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    Default How to Shoot Christmas

    There are many ways.
    1. Using Soft Focus Filter:
    a. Set camera to long exposure, 1 sec or longer
    b. Expose your subject (person or still life with flash)
    c. Adjust Shutter speed to expose for Christmas Lights (Usually 1sec or 2 sec Exposure at iso 100, f5.6)
    d. Insert a Soft Focus or Star filter over the lens , right after the flash pop, this will only alter the way Christmas lights appear, not your subject.
    You can see my video using Santa Ornament as example:

    Also if you are interested in specifics how to mix continuous light and flash you can read soft focus filter effect article

    More Ideas:
    These were introduced and posted by Evan the PhotoExtremist:
    You can use panning, spinning and zooming:
    1. Zooming:
    Zoom in (or zoom out) on your Christmas tree during the long exposure:
    you get something like that:

    2. Star Filter:
    Simply use star filter over your lens and you will get the star effect:

    You may like to see Evan's video for exact details:

    More Christmas tutorials I found for Inspiration:

    and if you missed one by Darren:

    Happy Holidays Everyone !
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    I love the star filter one, it just screams, Merry Christmas!

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