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  • low tide HDR

    It was low tide when we got to the beach and it was the first time I saw whats under the two post I always see at the beach. Not my best conversion though

    low tide hdr by rrrjr2011, on Flickr
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    Interesting shot. Few tips if i may. Try a landsacpe version. Gives the viewer space the breath and will also be more eyepleasing. Its rather all cramped in a small frame in my opinion. Was it morning or afternoon when you got there? Would be great to have eithr sunrise or sunset colors. If not a black amd white conversion.

    Just a few thoughts i know its not the critique section.
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      Nice shot. If that's Wellington Harbour then it's a sunset shot I believe.
      I like the colours and perspective in this and the HDR is not overdone.
      It's a little hard to see the whole shot without scrolling though, perhaps try resizing as per the forum guidlines.
      Thanks for sharing!
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        @jonraho: I used a 35mm prime ( my 35mm week ) , so its a bit "limited" I do have the landscape shot but it didn't get the sunset and crop a bit of the pier on the right. I even tried it on a different angle but there was so much sunflares in the lens after the shot. Thanks for the tip though, I'll keep it in mind. just learning as I go.

        @ngaihill: It's Petone beach and re-sized thanks for the reminder