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  • Pistol competition

    Didn't feel I was quite good enough yet to use my index finger on the trigger, so I kept it busy on the shutter:

    Shongum 4-6-13 Pistol Match-8004274

    Shongum 4-6-13 Pistol Match-8004297

    Shongum 4-6-13 Pistol Match-8004297-2

    Shongum 4-6-13 Pistol Match-8004449

    Complete set here: Shongum Pistol Match - a set on Flickr
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    Ok to edit and repost my shots on DPS forums

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    Perfect timing on #2/3. Awesome. TFS.
    Angela Weirauch
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      That third shot is pretty cool.....


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        ditto the timing on the third shot.
        Rich Spears
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          Another vote for the revolver pic. I bet that'd look pretty cool in a late-afternoon/evening shot, when you could see the muzzle flash.