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    Wings by Rommel Parada, on Flickr

    I was browsing Flickr the other day and I came across a very nice picture of a sunflower field but in the description the photographer was complaining about how some other artist told him his photostream was a little on the “soft” side with all the pictures of sunsets, flowers and landscapes.

    This brought me to the conclusion that maybe I should throw one or two hardcore shots on my photostream to compensate for that fall foliage shooting spree I went on right before Super Storm Sandy hit taking all the leaves with her.

    I took this shot with my cell phone camera (my first shot with a cell phone as I didn’t have my camera) and did a little post processing to remove part of my shoe which was in the shot. Now my photostream shows the following: autumn tree with roots, autumn tree with bright orange leaves, autumn landscape, autumn sun through the leaves and MANGLED WINGS!

    I think I overdid it but I’ll leave it there and see what kind of response I get. Ironically I put a short poem in the description in hopes of softening it up a bit.
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    Thats an interesting shot . And I'm glad you added the narrative along with it. Because without it.... well I just don't know. I will have to check out your flicker posts. I just signed up yesterday so I guess I'm moving up in the computer world of communication.
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      It's a bit on the gory side... A lot of times images like this are "moving" and cause a reaction in the viewer so I guess that's good. But if the point is to be "rude" just to get a reaction, then that doesn't work for me.
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        I don't understand why someone would choose to be rude throught the use of an image such as this. I was trying something different when I shot this. If I meant to be rude I would not use phorography as a means to do so.
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          aww poor birdie... i actually like the shot for a phone pic its realy good.. and yes everyone does the "soft" stuff clouds and sunsets and all the happy stuff in life, but life is hard and sometimes cruel its a nice change to see people show it in photos sometimes helps brings people back to the real world.

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            Sheree I agree. Don't get me wrong there are alot of shots in my photostream of colorful leaves and birds that are not dead but I like this photograph because I think it gives a glimpse of a reality that is harsh sometimes. This is not my usual style but I am happy with this shot.
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