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  • Rotunda Stained Glass

    Last week I posted a few images from the vaults of the now vacant Cleveland Trust Company building in Downtown Cleveland Ohio. Here are a few pictures from the main area of the impressive rotunda and stained glass dome.

    Cleveland Trust 1
    The doors of this beautiful historic building have been closed to the general public since 1996.

    Cleveland Trust 2
    The rotunda has two mezzanine levels. The upper level features murals around its entire circumference detailing scenes depicting the settlement of the midwest. The murals were painted by renowned American artist, Francis Millet. He led a fascinating life, and he died in 1912 as a passenger of the Titanic.

    Cleveland Trust 3
    The stained glass is stunning. The dome is over 85 feet above the ground floor and it is 60 feet in diameter. Although the design is much in the style of Tiffany, this is not a Tiffany piece .

    Cleveland Trust 4
    The building was first opened in 1908. It served the likes of John D. Rockefeller, Mark Hanna, and other industrialist giants of the early 20th century. In its 100 years, the building has survived two world wars and the Great Depression. Ultimately I guess this mastepiece could not survive the onset of the ATM machine.

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    Absolutely gorgeous. Really fantastic set.

    I hope they find a proper use for this magnificent building.
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      +1, I hope they keep the building and find something functional to do with it. Too nice to be razed.

      Originally posted by Roshenk View Post
      Absolutely gorgeous. Really fantastic set.

      I hope they find a proper use for this magnificent building.
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        What a fantastic building and the set justifies its magnificent glory. Great one, TFS!
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          Wonderful set - thanks for sharing this magnificent interior with us.
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            What stunning pictures, I'd love to see the building. Thanks for sharing.
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              Thanks all for the kind feedback. I have done some research on the building, and although there have been some proposals regarding the building's use over the past decade, it all seems to be talk that goes nowhere. Current word is that they would like to use the space for municipal offices.