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  • SYS Guidlines

    As this forum is named this is the place to just share your shots...

    Please stick to using "Share Your Shots" for images you don't want detailed feedback on, either because you are very happy with them and don't want all the "rotate it, crop it, adjust the colours" comments that frequently come in a critique or because you don't think your picture stands up to detailed examination (eg. it was a quick snap taken with a friends point and shoot which you like despite the technical failings).

    For people posting images:

    1. To keep it fair for everyone, PLEASE just only post one thread per day in the whole of SYS. If you post more than one thread within a 24 hour period, moderators and admins reserve the right to delete excess threads.

    2. Please post no more than four images (or five attachments) in the beginning post. Further pictures (same numbers) can be added after a further 24 hours or after at least two other people have replied to the thread.

    3. Please keep images to 740px on the longest side. Mods reserve the right to resize oversize images or delete them until resized. This is easy to put up the proper size if you use flickr. If you feel it is necessary for us to see a larger size, link to it.

    Also, please note that with the sheer volume of threads that get started some threads may get lost in the masses. If you don't get the attention you feel you deserve, how about trying to give a little time to other people's posts as a positive way to respond? BTW, if you request critique on one of your threads, moderators and admins reserve the right to move the thread to a more appropriate location (using just the first image posted).

    For others, if you'd like to respond to the post you might like to:
    1. Give feedback/encouragement
    2. Ask a question or get more information
    3. Please do not post critiques of the images in Share Your Shots. If you'd like to make suggestions on how someone could improve their shot, there are lots of people in the Critique sections who would love your input.

    Helpful information:
    1. Posting Pictures from Photo Sharing Sites (A visual guide)
    2. FAQ
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    If you're looking for customer service, please use this link, thank you!

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    Water drop

    Experimented with ISO 1600, 1/1250 sec and f/5.6 and at 135 mm zoom with the Nikon D40X.


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      Originally posted by Sime View Post
      As this forum is named this is the place to just share your shots...
      I like coffee with shots of espresso. This is in no way intended as a critique regarding your advisory post. I'm just saying....


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        Nikon d3100. 35mm prime
        ISO 100

        Bee in a cotton field.