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  • Chuck Norris Eyedrops

    well, after some gasps of horror I thought i'd explain how I took this.
    Chuck Norris Eyedrops - 12/52

    It was three images stuck together in photoshop.
    set-up umbrella and lights (or whatever you have) against a white backdrop.

    These images are SOOC
    Step 1
    make sure you keep the same focal length (mental not to self) that way everything looks proportional when you merge them.

    Step 2
    set to manual exposure (you want them all the same exposure)
    This icludes WB, you dont want auto where the WB can shift.. but what the hell its easy to photoshop right?? i used 5300Kelvin

    Step 3
    Image 1

    this is the base point, be sure to select one whether the end of the bottle does not overlap the face. You'll find posing this is not what you'd expect, you have to do something very unnatural to make it look natural, otherwise the nose covers the eye or the arm covers the face (you'll see what I mean)

    be sure to keep the cap on.. no reason to explain that

    2009 05 17_1885

    Step 4
    image 2

    you need an end for the bottle.. just be sure there are no drips hanging off.. otherwise it will look unnatural when you rotate it and the drip isn't pointing vertically down. (gravity)
    2009 05 17_1896

    Step 5
    image 3

    this is the hard part. Set your flash to rear curtain sync (I didnt)
    this will freeze the drip at the END of the travel.
    If you don't set it to REAR, just rotate the image 180 degrees and you'll be fine.
    2009 05 17_1908

    Step 6
    if you use RAW make sure you batch edit, otherwise you'll have different colours and things may not lok normal when merged.

    Step 7
    you need to make sure the edge of the “dripper” is verticaly over the eye, so use the “straighten” tool to rotate the correct amount. Then crop for composition.

    Insert the end of the dripper, and photshop in the drip (theres a million ways to do it)
    masking is the word.
    After that remove unsightly moles, boogers and blobs from the wall..
    then brighten it up and contrast to taste, then upload for all to enjoy.
    I hope you enjoyed it!
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    Very cool cant wait to try this one,HAHA had a good laugh.Well done!
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      Wow - its less painful the way you did it!
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        thank you both

        i'm happy with how it turned out,
        the fiftytwo has taught me allot, very glad i've been doing it
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          Very nice! Your images are always so creative I like it a lot
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   insight into the twisted mind of Jared......
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              thanks Murtasma, i appreciate it.
              i hope to keep them coming

              i was told by a friend that this one made it into "Explore/interestingness" on flickr, whatever that means.
              apparently its a big thing.. i dont really understand what/how big that is.
              i dont even know how the pics are selected for that.
              but still, i'm happy someone likes my warped ideas.
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                LOL, you da man, Jared! Saw a few of your self-portraits on your flickr - you're very creative. :-)
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                  Creative and really well done.

                  Congrats on the Explore thing. I understand that the Magic Donkey is who/what decides the photos that make it on Explore.
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                    Very creative and funny! And a great explanation of the technique, it gave me some ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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                      So nice, but i can´t guess the meaning of SOOC, would you please explain? Tx


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                        A bit tame! Here in the Algarve we use pure piri piri. Very nice shot though. Have you found that it helps you see in the dark?

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                          Thanks for the laugh! Great shot.

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