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Pregnancy shots - black background-just flashgun!

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  • Pregnancy shots - black background-just flashgun!

    I am doing my first maternity shoot for my very good friend tonight. I am a budding amateur and don't have any studio lighting (yet!)
    So I am planning to use my living room with a black sheet as a background and have my friend (husband and 2 year old) wearing white tops. I have a speedlight flashgun and some reflectors. It will be dark outside so I have no natural light.
    Can anyone give me some inspiration or tips ?
    Thanks you in advance .....

    Arlene x

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    Do you have stands for the reflectors and flash or people who can hold them? Do you have a way to shoot your flash off-camera? Get the family far from the background so you don't light it up. Put a reflector on either side of the family, above and to the front. Fire the flash away from the couple into one of the reflectors so that it bounces back into the family and also over to the other reflector and then back into the family. Move that second reflector closer or farther to adjust the lighting ratio. With only one light you'll have to skip a rim light--hope they have light colored hair.


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      I like your enthusiasm, do keep in mind that the light is the most important part so don't overdo it or even worse ignore it. And just have fun, pregnant women always look good on photos
      charmglow grills


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        I think idcanyon has said it all. All I can add is that you should watch for the details and that is all good luck
        Riads Marrakech


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          How did the shoot come out? I would love to see! I have a good friend who happens to be pregnant right now & I would loooove to shoot her when she starts showing!


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            Are you a Wallmart shopper?
            Camera Pentax Kr Lenses Pentax 18 to 55 pentax 55 to 300 sigma 150 to 500 Misc stuff that my wife yells about and I have a 2006 ford bird blind.


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              Originally posted by jc56 View Post
              Are you a Wallmart shopper?
              Oh I am!!!...and I'm doing a maternity shot tomorrow for my there something at walmart that can be purchased to use?