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First Attempt at Light Painting

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  • First Attempt at Light Painting

    Like the subject says, this shot is part of the group I took as my first attempts at light painting.

    I put my guitar on my basement floor and got it composed in what I thought was an interesting way. Set my camera on Manual so I could control shutter speed and f-stop. I pretty much left the f-stop at 22 on my 50mm lens. I tried a few different shutter speeds from 4 seconds up to 10 seconds, depending on what I was trying to do with the light. This shot was 10. (Edited to Add) I also used the remote shutter release with a 2 second delay so I have time to get the light in position to start.

    For the light, I used a small LED flashlight (that is on a Cabela's mini-multi-tool) that I wrapped red cellophane around. I tried just tracing around the guitar, but it didn't put enough light on the guitar body. So I did some general shading movements with the light.

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    That's cool, I'm gonna try something like that...


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      Nice shot for your first attempt. What you might want to try though is to open the aperture a little more so the light will be a bit brighter. With the set up you have you can pretty much leave the shutter open as long as you like. Provided the light in the room does not change and you don't move the guitar. This way you can use your penlight a little slower and turn it off and on to highlight areas of the shot you want to be highlighted. The longer you hold the light in one spot the brighter and more defined it will be. With a small aperture like you were using it takes the camera more time to process and record the light.The amount of light is not a real issue, The time the light is exposed is. I hope that made sense to you.
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