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  • Insight requested please.

    I have been using my Nikon D40 for just over three years. I love it and it has provided me amazing photos for a very long time. A while back I went out on the weekend to take some pictures and now for some reason my photos are way too bright. I shoot using the "Auto" mode on my camera nearly 98% of the time and for what I shoot and how I take photos it has always been perfect. Now, not so much. I have no clue as to why and how to fix the problem.

    Can anyone please shed some light on why I am having this issue and how to go about fixing it? I would be so greatful. I have attached two photos from yesterday for review. I was not shooting into the sun or had any type of strange shooting scenario going on that would cause the pictures to come out that way. Indoors, outdoors, all my photos are having the same issue. Thank you.

    Loren Smith

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    Have you accidently hit the + exposure, check your exposure setting, if you cant find reset the camera settings by which ever short cut a D90 allows this to happen (it'll be in the manual and if you dont have it go to Nikon website and download it)
    In Auto its about the only setting you can change for exposure.
    I have a D5100, so my camera will have some differences to yours, this is where i get my info from.
    Sorry if its a red herring


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      Thank you. I will try that when I get home tonight. I appreciate it. I will let you know if that helps.