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How do I take it?

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  • How do I take it?

    I've been asked to take some Christmas photos for a member of my family.

    We are trying to mimic this image:

    I have a Canon t3i with a kit lens 18-135.

    I have no idea on what settings to use or how I can recreate the shot especially with the Christmas tree lights.

    Can you offer me some tips on how I can recreate this photo? I need tips on lighting, aperature, shutter speed, ISO etc.

    Thanks so much.

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    I am not seeing an image.
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      How's about now:


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        Not seeing anything except a white screen,
        Flickr stream.


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            It may be a composite of two photographs.

            #1 Long exposure shot of the boy sitting on the floor.
            #2 A photograph showing bokeh (the out of focus light circles)

            Pic #2 is composted to the wall using layer masking.
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              Not necessarily, could be a long exposure with an extremely low powered, rear curtain synced flash.
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                Definitely a composite because the light on the floor around the fairy lights doesn't match the light on the wall. Nice job but a pretty big PS job has been done to get this balanced. BTW, it must be a compsite because that is bokeh on the wall not flair, therefore to create it, there must be lights in the distance to get the bokeh, but it's a solid wall ;-)
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                  +3 for the composite theory.
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