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  • Don't shoot the photographer...

    I took these in my yard with my cell phone camera set on macro. I always have my cell on-hand and it's a challenge to get good, clear shots in the right light. BETH

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    I... You...

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      I think this probably belongs in the "earning with photography" section...

      Do you do weddings too?
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        Looks like this is some kinda advertisement to me. I'm not sure how easy it will be to sell something to someone that has the capability of creating the same product on their own.
        Nice pictures though for a "cell phone"
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          I don't think you should be asking people to pay for these photos. You seem to find a lot of happiness in taking your photos, (don't lose that), but when other photographers invest endless much time, money, and research into their craft, it's not okay to expect payment for this kind of work. I looked at your etsy shop, there are a few decent photos, and you aren't charging outrageous amounts, but it's pretty clear that you don't know the basics of photography.
          Firstly, you are using equipment most people in western culture already own: a cellphone, and it's just disrespectful to try competing for business with photographers who've invested thousands of dollars into their equipment to make sure their customer gets true quality.
          Secondly, the edits on most of these photos are misguided at best, dreadful at worst. It almost hurts to look at 2-4 on this list. The first one's okay, but those other three are EXTREMELY over-cropped. This may seem like a good Idea to get a closer shot, but cell-phone pictures just aren't capable of that due to their low quality, and end up looking warped and blurry.
          Don't lose your passion for photography, though. Everybody has to start somewhere, and you may be a long way off, but you can find even more joy in learning and improving, and eventually in the satisfaction that hard work and determination payed off with great photos.


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            I think you shot the photographer.... Good point's though LexiRose. I would much rather line my pockets with knowledge here and sell my products else'where'
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