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It's a Small World

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  • It's a Small World

    This is an image I took for a photography theme entitled "Blue". The rules were that the whole image had to be blue, not just an item within the image.

    This is a drawing of my house I did about 15 years ago when we were planning an extension. It isn't a blueprint so I scanned it, tinted it in Photoshop to make it look like a blueprint and then printed it. Once done, I put the print on my kitchen table, set up the composition with the props, (H0/00 figures, just 10mm high) and I took several shots with varying aperture settings to get the depth of field I wanted. However, I failed on every count because of the extremely shallow DoF.

    After a few days of taking the original shots and racking my brains for a solution, I recalled reading about a technique called "Focus Stacking" which counteracts the shallow DoF problems associated with macro images such as these. I set up the shot again and tried the technique for the first time.

    At f/22 I still had to stack 6 images together to get everything sharp and within DoF range, but as you can see, it's razor sharp everywhere except for the out-of-range lines at the top of the image which I chose to have by design to give the image some depth. For a shot like this, Focus Stacking was a real lifesaver.

    If anyone wishes to add images to this thread, you're very welcome, I'd like to see some other shots with these small H0/00 railway figures.

    Any comments you may wish to make are also very welcome.
    Jeff Smith

    Some of my stuff on Flickr

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    I like it! The attention and time you spent really shows through in it.
    Some pictures... (500px)


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      Operation Clean Up

      Blue by JEF 96, on Flickr
      Jeff Smith

      Some of my stuff on Flickr


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        Great shots there. Loved the concept of the first pic. Second one is equally awesome.

        I'm a beginner here. So I would like to know more about the technique you've mentioned here "Focus Stacking". Can you pls elaborate a little abt that?



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          Which camera and lens were you using for these shots?


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            Little people


            I JUST LOVE YOUR SHOTS OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE! I've done mine not as macro, (as I don't have my lens of dreams yet), but none the less, I'm doing what I can...

            I'm also wondering about the "Focus Stacking", can you explain this, is there a tutorial somewhere to get a real good handle on how to do this?

            I can't get it to turn on!

            Canon EOS Rebel T3i
            Shutter Speed 1/2
            Aperture f/5.6
            ISO 400
            Ev 0
            18mm - 55mm lens at 21mm

            Do you have more little people pics?


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              Miniature trainyard

              This is something I turned into a calendar a few years back... I had fun shooting it. At the time, I was working the original Digital Rebel (yes you read right) and a Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-5.6. This lens allowed me the very shallow depth of field I wanted for those shots.
              Andreane Fraser


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                Lovely! Amazing set of pictures here!
       | Abhilash.P


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                  Playing Checkers

                  It's posts like this, that make me love this web site so much.
                  Here is my attempt.... and thanks for the motivation!

                  I used a piece of software called Zerene Stacker to do the "stacking" of the 17-ish pictures. Very simple to use.


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                    Yes, this is really small world. With the help of photoshop we can do everything with our images


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                      These are really neat, but I cheat with mine. I love putting real people in my photos via PSE and layering. I also would like to know what you mean by "Focus Stacking". I am brand new with dSLR and still pretty much lost.


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                        Pencil shavings image is brillant haha.


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                          Here a link for focus stacking
                          Nikon-D7000; Nikon D-5000; Coolpix S8000; NIkkor 28-80mm & 70-300mm; Nikkor 12-24mm Wide Angle; Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 Macro, Nikon , Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 & 55-200mm, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 & 35mm f/1.8


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                            Thanks! That was an interesting article, but, being the complete newbie that I am with my dSLR, how do you focus on four different areas without moving the camera? And if you move the camera, the photos will be out of allignment, right? I told ya I was at square one!!! I know how to turn my camera on!!!


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                              Originally posted by Nancy Pohl View Post
                              These are really neat, but I cheat with mine. I love putting real people in my photos via PSE and layering. I also would like to know what you mean by "Focus Stacking". I am brand new with dSLR and still pretty much lost.
                              I'm getting lot's of PM's on this so I'll take a few more shots with the little guys and do a proper tutorial so you can all have a go. Very easy to do ;-)
                              Jeff Smith

                              Some of my stuff on Flickr