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Forest at Hyperspeed

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  • Forest at Hyperspeed

    I was scouting for some fall pictures when I decided to try something a little different. To get this effect, I used my 17 - 40 zoom lens, mounted the camera on a tripod, choose a long exposure(1.3 sec) and a small f stop (22). I then rotated the zoom when the shutter was open. It was my first try at this technique. I plan to experiment with different exposures but in the meantime, I thought that this one came out OK.

    Thanks for looking.

    Forest at Hyperspeed
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    Thats really cool! I've never really seen something like that before!


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      Nice! I've read about zooming the lens while taking a shot, but haven't tried it yet. You've inspired me TFS!
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        Nice, I like the texture that the effect has added


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          Originally posted by mrslemke View Post
          Thats really cool! I've never really seen something like that before!
          Me's really very nice! Thanks!!
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            Looks great,
            I will have to try that myself.

            Thank you
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              Loved this - you inspired me to try and have a go myself, quite pleased with it.


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                Wow, looks great!!! I know what I'm doing next time out! I know some train tracks nearby that might look awesome affected so.


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                  Wow this is a nice effect. Did you use photoshop for this effect?
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                    Very cool. Seen these types of shots before but never tried it until I read your post. However I tried my shot indoors-of my cat lol came out similar but not as dynamic as this one. Nice job!
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                      Very nice. Did you zoom in the entire focal length on this shot?
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                        And random question: What does the EXIF data look like when you do this? Does it record the focal length at the beginning or end of the exposure? just curious if anybody knew
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                          The exif data records the focal length at the beginning of the shot. In this case, that was 22mm. Unfortunately, the end point of the zoom is not recorded but I think that it was close to the 40 mm end point of my lens. When I use this technique, I try a number of different zoom intervals and pick the one that comes out the best.

                          Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.


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                            Very nice!

                            Must try this sometime myself.
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                              Great effect! I know what I'm going to be trying.
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