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Baby Pics, opinion please

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  • Baby Pics, opinion please

    Finally picked up a bounceflash today, and got a "natural light" lightbult for a desk lamp i have that is actually perfect because the glass cone or whatever you want to call it around the bulb is frosted kinda whiteish so it softens the light real well if you just point it at a wall ro ground, then decided to try some baby pics with my 2 month old and see how it would turn out.. i can see from lookin at mine and other peoples black background baby pics that i have a long ways to go.. any feedback or suggestions would be great!

    btw the lighting setup is lamp with natural light bulb to the back right... natural light comin from door behind me and to my right.. then my bounce light angled to the wall to my left and up high a lil




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    hmmmm... Not sure I love them. Since there is no definition in the background or the foreground I think it looks like the baby is floating. It is an opinion but I prefer babies in high key.


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      Baby Photos

      I would prefer taking photos for babies in their natural actions and poses. I would really have my camera near with me every now and then so as to capture once in a moment poses. I have always baby photographs. Makes me smile every now and then.
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        for the third one, would it be better if you crop the words out and get closer to the baby's face?
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          Thnx for the feedback.. i think i will try cropping the third one a bit more.. if i can come up with something good ill put it up in here


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            I agree with the floating thing, what does this look like in color?


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              I like the concept of the 2nd one, but I think it's just not executed properly. It would look a lot better a) if you hadn't used selective coloring) and b) if there were more of the baby. I also don't like how the wrinkles of the blanket are covering up parts of the blocks.

              But great try, it's nice to see something creative rather than just snapshots!
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