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Approaching strangers: 100 strangers project

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    great project.

    Even before reading about it, I took some pictures of complete strangers.

    I'm introvert kind of guy, so I had to step completely out of my comfort zone to approach complete strangers.

    I was surprised how easy it was, and how people like their picture to be taken.

    I think I will sign up for this project.


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      Love to do this with environmental portraits. Just like most people I need to get the courage.


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        I went out today (Houston), trying to shoot #1.

        I was nervous, but found enough courage to approach some people.

        After a couple of rejections I gave up.

        Some thoughts:
        - Probable not at the right location. It was more like a business area. Probably people are more stressed and don't have that much time
        - English is not my native language, so maybe that scared them off
        - Maybe they felt I was nervous and didn't thrust it

        I'll try again some other time and see how it goes



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          hey koen,

          kudos on gathering some courage in asking strangers for their portrait. It takes a lot of gut especially during the first pictures. I don't think the area makes a lot of difference, I believe the more people in that area the easier it is to take portraits of strangers. It is easier to take portrait of strangers in busier areas than areas that are more secluded.

          Don't be put off by the rejections. I suggest to think about who you asked and how you asked and try maybe with some other types of people on your next photographing spree. I also woudn't worry about the language difficulties. At the moment I am taking portraits of strangers in China in a small city where they have no english knowledge at all. My chinese is also very limited.

          My suggestions for your next try:
          - Chose subjects that aren't in a hurry. (These subjects tend to be easier to photograph at the beginning)
          - Smile a lot and be friendly.
          - Even though this may seem harder, approach small groups of people. (2-4) Ask one specific person in that group for their portrait. They will feel much more secure in a group, and are more likely going to accept being photographed.

          Good luck on your next attempt.

          Two strangers portrait I shot in China:

          Untitled by xtarsy, on Flickr

          IMG_5236-Edit by xtarsy, on Flickr

          He sat there watching as people walked by by xtarsy, on Flickr


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            Great idea!!

            I think I am going to try this but I am going to try 100 military strangers. I will wonder the bases in the area and see if I can get the 100. I love the idea and I look forward to getting it set up and started! Thank you very much for the idea.
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